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Design: Friendship Phone Cases

We all have that one (or maybe more) best friend in our life. And sadly we just cannot spend literally 24 hours with them 365 days of the year. Best friend jewelry, charms, and accessories have been on the market since probably the beginning of time. Why should we show our bestie that we care and love with a standard run of the mill (maybe cute)  gift. Lets really show them we care with a personalized friendship phone case! Read on for more ideas!

Food Related

Everyone loves food. You, me, your bestie, your dog. Literally everyone. So why not design a phone case with a cute food pairing. This shows the world that the two of you, when together, are basically a match made in heaven. The jelly to her peanut butter, the soy soy sauce to his wasabi... you get the picture. To top it off you can create it with foods you both enjoy to really show you thought about the design. You don't even need to go with the standard best friend text, sometimes just a case with an ode to food is enough. Check out some custom phone cases inspired by food.

Animal Related

Everyone has a favorite animal, so why not create a case with their animal spirit and include a funny quote as well - just to have some pizazz? Your other half from anotha motha for sure will appreciate the thought and would never take off the phone case! Your friendship and love would indefinitely be enshrined in a cute animal case. You can choose from your standard animals or perhaps something more exotic? Maybe even put a picture of your pets together being all cute and BFFy together. You can even turn this into an emoji themed case to show that you are always on the same page with or without words!

TV Show Related

For this design the hardest choice will be choosing the ultimate best friend duo that relate to you and your bestie. Sometimes just trying to explain to others your friendship is basically impossible. By choosing an iconic duo you are able to design a personalized phone case that will speak volumes. Maybe take a couple of Buzzfeed quizzes to truly find out which BFF couple you are more like.

 2 in 1

For this totally genius case, it will take precision, wit, and above all patience. With this type of design the world is literally at your hands. You can incorporate the previous designs ideas or come up with something totally new, your imagination is your limit. For this case design the important part will be lining up the pictures on both cases exactly - so that when the two come together it makes one nice photo! Note: It helps when you and your BFF have the same or very similar phones for this to work seamlessly.

Remember for all your customized phone case needs GoCustomized has your back! Already have an idea in mind? Go ahead and check out our website and start designing!

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