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  • Design ideas for festivals

    Spring and summer are characterized as the best seasons of the year. The beat of music that gets you in the mood and you can not avoid to keep up the pace ♫ ♬ ♬ Boom boom boom ♫ ♬ ♬ At that moment you are feeling it, the sun hits you in the face and you are surrounded by people who are incredible . You breathe and you feel a good vibe and you wish that moment never ends. Are you ready for the upcoming festivals? If you want some inspiration, keep reading!

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  • Father's Day Phone Case Design Ideas

    Customized cases always makes for great gifts. A unique case with the right design show you know the person well, and they will always be reminded of it because they always have their phone. The hard part is deciding on the perfect image or design for to put on the phone case. Deciding for your dad is no easy task, and you have to get it just right. In this post, I will outline some great design ideas for a phone case for dad! Every dad is unique and deserves the right case special to him, but here is a few good ideas to get started with

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  • Winter phone cases

    Winter is coming. The days are getting colder and everyone is dressing warmer. Layers and more layers. And of course, you must not forget to also protect your phone from the cold! Imagine if it falls to the ground, or even on a patch of ice! Today we'll show you some ideas for creating winter phone cases to protect your phone whilst remaining stylish.


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  • Wood and cork case examples

    Since you're most likely changing your wardrobe along with the changing weather, why not also change the cover for your phone? My favorite personal favourites are wood and cork cases! So, that is what we will look at today!

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  • Autumn case ideas

    Here it is, one of the best times of the year has arrived. The time of walking around half dressed in the summer holidays are officially over. Now it's time to dress a little warmer to protect you from that cold breeze creeping in each day. Besides changing your wardrobe, maybe it's time to change your phone case to make it more suited for the new season. Today we will offer some recommendations for a personalised phone case.

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