• How to: Geometric Designs

    Stuck on creating a totally awesome phone case because you want something classy and cool yet unique? Geometric designs are always trending and can allow your imagination flow, from simple shapes to intricate lines. Need ideas? Then keep reading!

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  • Design ideas for festivals

    Spring and summer are characterized as the best seasons of the year. The beat of music that gets you in the mood and you can not avoid to keep up the pace ♫ ♬ ♬ Boom boom boom ♫ ♬ ♬ At that moment you are feeling it, the sun hits you in the face and you are surrounded by people who are incredible . You breathe and you feel a good vibe and you wish that moment never ends. Are you ready for the upcoming festivals? If you want some inspiration, keep reading!

    Image result for awakeningsImage of

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  • iPhone 7 rumors: change in design cycle

    September is approaching very quickly and for many Apple fans around the world, that signals the release of the iPhone 7. We’ve covered this topic multiple times and have already spoken about the major changes, such as the rumoured removal of the classic 3mm headphone jack in favour of Apple’s infamous Lightning Connector. A bit more information has leaked to the public regarding the phone’s design! If you're planning on getting an iPhone 7, make sure you're ready to keep it protected by getting a personalised phone case!

    iphone 7

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  • Best summer phone case pattern

    Would you like to design a personalised phone case, but you’re having trouble finding the perfect picture from your private collection? One choice would be to take a picture of yourself and make your own phone case with it. However, another alternative would be to choose a cool pattern. So what types of patterns could you potentially use? Here’s a list of some of the most popular types of patterns currently out there!


    pattern floralFloral pattern.  

    Summer is upon us and the sun is beginning to shine early in the morning and sets late in the evening. You and your friends all enjoy the outdoors, with nature’s beauty all around you, so there’s no better time than now to give your phone case a summery look. There’s no better way to represent summer than to design a personalised phone case with flowers. So look around for bright floral patterns! Credit to:

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  • What is your perfect phone case design?

    We here at GoCustomized specialise in customising designs for smartphone and tablets and our goal is to help you find the perfect phone case that fits your personality perfectly. Images on phone cases reflect your tastes, so essentially all your accessories show a little bit about you! To make this easier and more fun for you, we’ve created a post about unique design styles that you could create right on your personalised phone case!

    design phone cases

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