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A GoCustomized, we are all about DIY. Create a custom phone case, iPad case or MacBook case using our online designer. We also provide you with customization ideas for other projects.
  • 10 top Super Bowl Must-Haves

    It is that time of the year for the football lovers to go crazy. The Super Bowl is here, and you want to show your support to your favorite team in the best possible way. Gather your best friends, find a cozy apartment and turn on the TV, the rest is up to us! We’ve put together a selection of 10 Super Bowl must-haves that will make you the ultimate football supporter.

    Top 10 Super Bowl must-haves

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  • Personalised Packaging

    As we all know, its the inside that counts. But let's not deny that a nice exterior improves the thing, does not it? At GoCustomized we have been lucky enough to try out some of these beautiful, original and easy to assemble Selfpackaging cardboard boxes. Today, we are going to propose  some of the most brilliant and creative ideas to present your gifts,belongings or whatever you want! Read on to know more ;)


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  • Create Designs For Free!

    Today I introduce the online tools, and etc. With these websites you can create free designs. They are free and easy to use. Read on and find out what you can do with them!

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  • Shoot better videos with your smartphone

    We have all experienced this problem. It's simple, really. We have smartphones, we have cameras. Just point and shoot, right? Well, it's not always so easy. Often it's not the phone camera itself, but the user. Today we are going to look at a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your mobile camera and really shoot better videos with your smartphone. Ready?

    Shoot better videos Image from

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  • Hot to repair your scratched screen!

    Repair your damaged phone screen without replacing it.

    We’re all to familiar with those annoying scratches on your phone screen. It really is a shame to replace or repair your phone screen, because it’s quite pricey. So today, we’ll be looking at a cheaper solution to sending in your phone for repairs. One alternative that is easier would be to fix the phone screen yourself!

    repair screen

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  • How to fix common hardware problems

    How to troubleshoot hardware problems on your smartphone

    Smartphones are delicate devices that need to be protected at all times. However, once in a while, you may find that some parts of the phone are not functional. We have compiled a list of fairly common hardware problems and a solution to go along with each.


    The infamous broken screen

    If you’re a clumsy person, it’s likely that you’ve experienced this problem before. Do you have butter fingers? Does everything you touch somehow end up on the floor? If you answered yes, then you definitely know the pain of seeing your beautiful screen cracked.

    Unfortunately, our only solution to this common problem is to send your phone in for repairs. There’s no home remedy to undo a shattered screen. Your phone’s manufacturer will change the display for a small (or maybe large) fee. Another alternative would be to send it to a third party company, which will probably cost you less. The issue with opting in with a third party to repair your screen is that they may not be as reliable as a phone manufacturer. Repair quality may be questionable. In order to prevent high costs, try opting in for the insurance plan that your mobile carrier offers you, so you won’t have to incur any expensive repair costs!

    We all have accidents, so even if you’re extra careful with your phone, there is still a high chance of dropping your phone. If you’re looking to not only protect your screen, but also the sides and back of your phone, consider purchasing a personalised phone case!

    cracked screen problems

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  • What are heartwarming gifts for women?

    The three best gifts for women.

    gifts for women 1Last week, we talked about what would be a great gift for a man. If you thought it was difficult to find a gift for males, then prepare yourself for getting gifts for women. Women tend to value their gifts more sentimentally. The best thing to do is to gift them something that gives them sentimental value and that they will cherish over the long term. Getting creative with your gift only helps, so any DIY gift, such as embroidery, would be great! Here are the three best female sentimental gifts that you can make yourself.

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  • Get the perfect Mother's Day gift!

    Do you want to surprise your mother with a great Mother's Day gift, but you still have no idea what you're going to give? We’ll be talking about simple yet personalised gifts that you can easily make!

    Mother's Day

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