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  • How To: Emoji's

    Emoji's are quickly gaining popularity and they are seen literally everywhere - there is even a movie made starring the iconic emoji . But what is the appropriate etiquette for these little icons? Keep reading to find out more!

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  • Snapchat's latest update brings creativity

    At this point, it’s hard not to know about Snapchat. The selfie dependent app launched in 2011 and its main function is to send your friends pictures that they can only see for maximum 10 seconds long. Snapchat has grown past its original reputation as the “sexting app” and now offers a wide variety of uses, including a unique chat system and great filters. Over the past 5 years, this app has grown into one of the most popular messengers out there! Here are some new features that were introduced in a recent update:


    Animated emojis

    snapchat animated emoji

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