Facebook update: a personalised news feed

Normally, Facebook doesn’t change much on its News Feed. That’s mainly because the News Feed is one of the most important features of Facebook. As a result, every Facebook update has to be carefully planned and drawn up. The last big update was the introduction of reactions to each post. Today, we'll check out what's coming out in the next Facebook news feed.

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Personalise your Facebook feed.

Currently, a new Facebook update is being worked on. In the future, the News Feed will be divided in different categories. For example, users can choose to only receive posts about specific topics such as “Travel” or “Food”. There will be many topics to choose from, which include “Movies”, “Music”, “Business”, “Politics” and so on. If someone wants to post something, they will most likely have the option to choose what category to post it in. However, we can also assume that Facebook will know the general topic of the post and should be able to categorize it themselves. By doing so, spam will be avoided, because users could try and post something under the wrong category in order to reach a larger audience. This new feature is already available for some users and is currently going private public testing, before everyone will have access to it.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the news feed?

With this new Facebook update, everyone will have freedom to choose what he wants to see in his news feed. Everyone will be encouraged to post something more often in these specific groups. However, that means that Facebook has an easier way to tell exactly who is interested in what. There’s a price for posting more. Facebook can use this data to know more about the user, meaning that more precise and relevant ads will be shown to them, which in turn results in more money for the company. For example, if someone posts a lot about “Fashion”, more ads about clothing and jewelry will be shown on his or her Facebook page. Privacy has been a growing concern for users and with the addition of this new feature, it will most likely continue.


So what do you think about the new Facebook update? Do you think it’s a violation of your right to privacy or will it be a practical feature that will improve Facebook as a whole?

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