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Great father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day is quickly approaching on Sunday! Have you found your gift? If not, don’t worry. We have some great Father’s Day ideas for this year.


What are some great Father's Day gifts?


  1. Mölkky

    Father's Day Molkky

Do you know about this great game? It’s similar to bowling, but in a way much better. You can play this game with your family when you’re relaxing at home, or even on the beach during summertime. You can find the rules here! You can purchase it for £19.99 or if you’re a handyman, you can even make it yourself!


  1. A personalised phone case

    Father's Day Phone Case


What’s better for your loving father than a personalised gift! If you’re reading this, you’re probably already interested in a personalised phone case for yourself, so why not get one for your father? Our new and unique cork case would make for the perfect gift for him. Designing one with a picture of your family, a beautiful landscape or even his favourite sports team is easy! You can make one at GoCustomized for only £19.95.


  1. One night "under the stars" for your parents

    Father's Day Bubble


If your parents appreciate nature and they need to take some time off from work, get this gift! They can spend a night in a clean, bubble home that will expose them to the elements. These houses can be purchased in the mountains, the countryside and even close to the sea. From only 90€ a night, you can spoil your parents.


  1. A magazine subscription

    Father's Day Magazine


Is your dad passionate about cars or soccer? Get him a magazine subscription. That way, your dad can sit back on his comfortable chair after a long day’s work and relax. There’s usually nothing better than to give your dad the chance to unwind his body and open his mind, so find the perfect magazine for him and get a subscription.


Do you have more great Father's Day gift ideas? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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