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Five kickstarter accessories you will want

Technology is developing and evolving fast, which makes our daily life much more comfortable. The sheer amount of devices currently on the market is infinite, especially with websites such as Kickstarter allowing for inventors to publicly release goods and ideas. Kickstarter is a great way to promote the underdog and really help out inventors with great ideas, but who are lacking money to fulfill their dreams and change the techological market!


Prynt Instant Camera

Prynt has developed the first camera ever for iPhone and Android that completely adapts to your mobile phone. It functions similar to a regular Polaroid camera, meaning that your image will be printed right away using self developing ink! It is arguably the easiest way to take photos to hang on your wall now-a-days. Just snap a nice pic, wait a few seconds and voila, you have a physical photo!

   kickstarter camera


Beam: The Smart Projector

This small but powerful projector fits into any light socket and is controlled by your smartphone or tablet. It could be one of your most important devices, especially since the device can turn any flat surface into a large screen. Play games or watch movies directly from your smartphone!

kickstarter light


Space Case 1

Whenever we travel somewhere, we carry a lot of electronic devices with us. Why use make your suitcase another electronical device that remains practical while traveling? Space Case revolutionizes the world of travel accessories by being connected to your smartphone. It is possible to open the suitcase with your smartphone’s fingerprint detector and in case you lose your suitcase, you can easily track it down again. It's even able to weigh herself!

kickstarter suitcase


Firefly - Blue Laser Lamp

Add some colour to your room with this blue laser lamp. Do you like to throw parties at home and need some colour to dance? Get one of these laser lamps from Firefly. The device itself is small, light and easy to use! It is built with a modern passive cooling system which will light up your whole room using less than one watt of energy!

kickstarter light


COBI – Accessories for your bike!

If you’re a biker, this device will be your favourite, hands down. COBI has made many accessories that connect your smartphone to your bicycle, including headlights that adapt to daylight, a burglar alarm system, a GPS and much more! Watch this video to find out just how COBI accessories could help you and your biking needs!


Tell us what you love to do and what type of innovative accessories you would love to see on the market!

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