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Foldable Samsung Phones

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a huge scandal due to its security problems, Samsung has not hesitated to be a pioneer and innovator in the market. Rumors of the next big trend follow: foldable Samsung phones. The so-called Galaxy X is just a steps away from appearing on the market. If you want to know more about the rumors of this new - as well as curious - phone, read on.

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Obviously, a limited release is expected. It is estimated that 10 million devices will come to market during the third part of this year, 2017. What has surprised us most of these malleable mobiles is that they can be folded out, as we can see in the picture above. Incredible, no? Not only do they fold in half the billfold style, but they are also able to turn that curve shape out!

These new foldable samsung mobiles are very convenient to use. The mobile can be deployed to transform it into a 7-inch tablet for when you need a little more screen.

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The Competition

However, its main competitor has similar plans - as expected. Their arch-enemy, LG, is looking to launch 100,000 folding mobiles for the last quarter of this year. In addition, they say that they "have more advanced technology than Samsung." This should be of interest to the big companies - Apple, Google, Microsoft, Hauwei - as the market jumps from 2.7 million units a year to 163 million by 2022.

At the moment, we have not heard anything from the big ones, so they do not seem to have anything in mind with this kind of malleable phones.

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Features of Samsung Folding Mobile Phones

We are looking forward to how they are going to make this device. Possibly, the performance of such materials is not high, which poses a risk for the success of these phones. Moreover, devices such as these may be the future of mobile phones. It is rumored that the first product will be a tablet, not a phone. The tablet will have a curved panel - out, not in - and the battery placed on the rigid parts of the phone will not be malleable.

Advantages of folding samsung phones? Its flexibility makes it more resistant to strong impacts. Plus, you can save more space! Your 7-inch device can be folded and turned into a 5-inch, ideal pocket size.

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What do you think of the folding Samsung mobile phones? Does it convince you or not? Leave us your opinion below in a comment!

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