• Funniest phone case designs

    Who said that a phone case has to be boring? For sure not us! On our website, you can design fun and unique phone cases in only a couple of minutes. So if you want to step up your game and make your phone more fun, keep reading for inspiration.

    funny phone case

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  • 15 practical and hilarious phone cases

    At GoCustomized, we’ve seen plenty of creative and hilarious phone cases! There are definitely a fair amount of crazy cases all over the world and in this article, we’ll be listing them! Here, you’ll find the 15 coolest, ugliest and most practical phone cases in our opinion. You can be inspired by some of them, if you want to make your own phone case.


    5 Practical Phone Cases

    phone cases beer

    A phone case and a bottle opener in one – so your smartphone is protected, just in case the beer was shaken prior to being open…


    phone cases solar

    This is a perfect case for environmentally cautious users! Charge your smartphone using solar light! You’ll never have to use a cable again. Unless it’s night time. Or winter. Or you live in the North Pole.

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