Get ready for Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again where retail stores drop their prices, offer some great money saving deals, and some people decide to go a bit overboard (see video below). I’m always on the lookout for good deals and this year is no different. Today I will look at what we can expect this year and will give you some great links to check out on Friday 25th November, aka Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals – Where to start?

1) Amazon

Well, since it offers some of the best deals around and it’s a super webstore, will be my first choice. Already running some promotions in the lead up to Black Friday, Amazon sold 5.5 million products last year at 64 items a second. Offering Prime Members early access to some deals, it might pay off if you are registered for this paid service. This will also get you access to their streaming video service, eBook service and free one day, sometimes even same day, shipping. With their Prime membership currently on offer for £59/year, maybe now is the time to join.

Black Friday


2) John Lewis

One of the UK’s favourite retailers, John Lewis also participates in the Black Friday madness, offering a wide range of good with some huge discounts. Be sure to check them out their wide range of home appliances, household good, video games and electronics. In the meantime, you can have a look at their latest yearly Christmas trailer.


3) Game

Although it’s had turbulent times in recent times, Game is back on track and usually offers some amazing deals for all you gamers out there. Be warned, their site is more susceptible to crashing than the others (from previous experience anyway), as their servers tend to get overrun by everyone looking for some serious discounts. Previous years have seen major price cuts for the latest home consoles, so be sure to check it out!



Don’t worry if you miss out on the Black Friday deals. Go back on Monday 28th November for all the Cyber Monday deals as well!

What are you hoping for? I am definitely on the lookout for a brand new 4K TV! Let us know in the comments below!

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