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Gift ideas for dad

From birth, our father is the most important man of our lives and will always have a special place in our heart. Whether to encourage us, help us or be there for us to hug, he was always there. Today we will offer you some gift ideas to show your father that he is the best dad in the world! You can also find our gift ideas for mom .

1) Reproduce a childhood photo


A simple and thoughtful idea that will surely make your father happy! And if you do it with a funny picture like the one above, it will also surely make him laugh! With a beautiful location, it could even be hung up in the living room.

2) A joke book

dad gift ideas Image from Amazon.co.uk

Let's be honest, most Dads out there love to tell a good old fashioned, cheesy Dad joke. Why not give him something that will put him in his element? A book full of jokes that your Dad would love to tell on Christmas day, and most of the other days of the year too!

3) A Magnogrip

dad gift ideas Image from Coldstuff.de

I do not know how your father is with you, but my father was always ready to get his handyman cap on, wanting to fix everything right away. With Magnetogrip, he can start his DIY projects much quicker, so he can repair more things faster! With this gadget, he keeps his screws right on his wrist.

4) A personalised phone case


With this gift, you can give a message to your dad by writing a text or quote on the case, or by ordering a case with a photo of you. Everything is possible and it's up to you what the case will look like! And besides, his phone is then also protected! I think it is a good idea because we use our smartphones all the time and every time your father will pick up the phone, he will think of you. Or maybe your father is a big Beatles fan? Then you can print a picture of them on the case.

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What do you normally offer your Dad? Share ideas with us in the comments!

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