Gift Ideas: Mother To Be Edition

Do you know a mother to be and want to give her a unique gift to celebrate her and the new chapter in her life? Are you fresh out of ideas on what to get her since you don't want to be basic? No worries - keep reading for totally fresh ideas for gifts!

1. Spa Day

Lets be real, its been a rough nine months or it will be and the mother to be definitely deserves to be pampered. Of course make sure that the spa provide baby safe treatments. Maybe just to be safe it is better to get her a mani pedi with her bestie or with you.... either one works. Another idea could be at home spa kit, which would include soothing candles, relaxing bubble bath solution, and lotion.

2. Symbolic Jewelry

Basically all women love jewelry, so you can almost never go wrong. For the mother to be a lovely charm for her Pandora bracelet can be symbolic of the new addition to her family. A heart necklace can also be a nice subtle piece of jewelry that can remind her of the new love that is entering her life. It can also remind her of her love for the child when he/she is not letting her sleep at night...

3. Food Box

You can order or create a nifty food box for her as the mother to be probably has some weird and random cravings at any point of the day. This could be a perfect way to help her and her partner out. There are many different companies that delivery different goodies every week or so - and it does not break the bank! Make sure to look for the healthy options to keep the mother and baby are getting the nutrition they need. Instead of this, do not give the mother to be a gym subscription if you still want to be in her life.

4. A Personalized Phone Case

That's right a personalized phone case. This will show how much you love and care for the mother to be. It will also tell her that you really took the time and effort to giver something totally unique yet functional. You can design it with a cute quote about being a mother to be or perhaps a photo of the two of you - so she is reminded of the good times. You can also use a design of cute animals together - anything is possible when you design at GoCustomized!

Like what you see here? Drop us a comment which idea is your favorite!

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