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For some, it may not feel like it yet, but yes, Christmas is getting closer and closer. There are people who look forward to it for months and start decorating early, getting in the right mood.   Then there are the grinches among us, who would rather sleep through Christmas. Despite your outlook on Christmas, it is approaching very quickly, which also means you are probably in need of gifts for special people.  We are here to help you with one category in particularly, gifts for women.

Gift ideas for women

Everyone loves gifts, but giving gifts can be even better (when you find the right gift). As many men can probably agree, this can be a challenging time that puts them to the test: what do we get for those special women in our lives. Whether it's your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or colleague, it seems to be a struggle every year to find the perfect gift. In this blog post, we take a look at five different types of men and how they approach finding the perfect gifts for women.


The Classic One

Gift ideas for women are probably the most difficult thing for some guys during the cold season. Here is one tip to remember while thinking of a gift; less can be more. It is never easy to get presents for women, whether it's your mom, wife, or sister.  So here is a secret to remember, women love creativity.  Especially when it comes from men, as it's often not the case.  A creative self-designed voucher for a special night together, a romantic candlelight dinner, a trip, or a spontaneous date night, are all great gift ideas for women that will show you put thought into the gift. Pair the voucher with some beautiful flowers and you can guarantee a smile from her face.  Even something artistic and unique, for example the possibility to design a custom phone case yourself.  Use her favorite photo of the two of you, of her family, her friends, or holiday photo and design it on a phone case for her.  Something personal like this can be more meaningful because it shows you put time and effort into it.

Find the perfect gift ideas for women


The Reliable One

There are the unprepared and then there are the prepared men. These guys aren't taking any risks to upset the women in their lives.  Always prepared and in control of the situation. Two days before Christmas a present for the woman? Absolutely not. These are the kind of men that take note when she comments about how much she likes a bag she saw during the summer months.  These men are filled with gift ideas for women because they are paying attention 24/7 because they will not be the one to fail without the perfect gift.  Tips for the unprepared; women love to drop hints here and there, so if you are wise all you have to do is listen!  For the ladies out there, if you do happen to have one of these reliable men around, keep him close because they are rare!

Gift ideas for women



The unusual one

It's not easy coming up with gift ideas for women, but some guys have mastered it.  Every woman can appreciate a romantic and thoughtful idea.  These kind of guys organize the romantic cinema evening on Valentine's Day or randomly show up with a little surprise for you.  A gift certificate with a great adventure for the two of you or an organized day of fun activities are ideas that could quickly steal a woman's heart.  A personalized gift is also used here more and more often. Last but not least, friends, family or lovers increasingly give each other something individual. A joint photo shoot or a painted photo of a couple from their wedding are two great examples. If you really want to go big make any women's heart melt, have a puppy waiting under the Christmas tree.  If you can't pull this present off, you can still make it personal by designing your own cups, T-shirts or custom phone cases which show you have given the extra thought into it!

Cute puppys always make good gifts for women



The last minute one

We all know at least one person that is always scrambling last minute for some presents. No matter how many years they have experienced the fact that it never works out to wait until the last minute, they find themselves in the same position every year. The web is full of gift ideas for women including fashion ideas, sites for makeup, and decoration which many offer gift baskets. So the web is also becoming prepared for the last minute ones, waiting for their orders the night before Christmas.  A safe last minute gift would be an Amazon gift card, or a gift card to one of her favorite stores.

Find the perfect Gifts for women


The thoughtful one

Among all the different men out there, there are still those who play it safe and surprise their loved ones with something personal. Personal gift ideas for women are and remain not only the most creative but also the greatest when it comes to winning each other's hearts. A unique picture of the both of of you from a special moment printed on an object to make that memory last forever. Since our women not only love shopping but are also fashion-conscious, it is often a good idea to create something personal by creating your own unique apparel, such as T-shirts or sweaters. Not only is that possible, but you can also customize other gadgets that are used everyday. Design custom tablets and custom phone cases now!

Need some gifts ideas for women? Design a custom phone case!

Custom Phone cases make the perfect gifts for women



To the women out there, no matter what you get, the greatest gift you can possibly give a man this evening is to be happy about the gift. Men are not always the brightest or most creative, but when they give something to their wives, you can always assume that it is with love. Not every man is perfect, punctual, organized or has the most unusual ideas, but they love you and always try to make an effort.

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