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Today we are going for a fun Christmas post. We all have that geeky friend who we're not sure 100% what is actually going through his mind... That immense world of superheroes, comics and fantasy for you is too large. But yes, I admit it, you're also a little geek inside and you'll love our ideas!

Geek Gifts

The best gifts for geeks

1. Star Wars Mug

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Do you hear stories all the time about which character has the best lightsaber? Or what lightsaber will be best to fight with? Then this is a nice gift for them. When the mug is cold, you wont see the light sabers... But when the mug is filled with something hot, then the lightsabers come bursting into action!

2. The Book of Sheldon

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Sheldon Cooper is such a cute character, however hopefully desperate he is, and that is why thousands of people followed the Big Bang Theory. If you too are a fan of him, then this book is your ideal present. A great gift for someone to carry around with them, obviously making lots of notes as soon as those theoretical physics ideas come popping into their head, Bazinga!

3. Virtual reality glasses

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Who doesn't want to walk around in prehistoric times, go on a roller coaster or swim with sharks from the safety of their own living room? A guaranteed adrenaline rush! With the 'Immerse Plus' virtual reality glasses, you can go on an adventure, watch 3D movies, play games or watch fun clips. The options are endless! The glasses work with almost all smartphones (iPhone and Android) and it has an adjustable lens.

4. A 3D Game of Thrones puzzle

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This really is a great gift! It is a 3D puzzle that resembles the world of Westeros (the world from Game of Thrones). The puzzle is made up of three layers and is composed of 1,400 pieces. You will definitely not have completed this within 2 days! The first layer consists of the Poniente region, the second layer consists of the landscape, and the third layer comprises the fortresses, houses and castles.

5. A Phone Case with their favorite superheroes

Geeky Gifts

What better way to show the world that someone loves comics than your favorite superheroes going everywhere with you? Create a personalised phone case with the picture that you like most at GoCustomized. It's very simple! Go to the customiser of the case that you would like to design and create a idea.

What do you think of the gifts for geeks? Perhaps you have yourself a nice gift in mind? Let us know!

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