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Gifts for music lovers

Are you looking to get a gift for your friend but you're not sure what to get? Do they happen to love music? If so, then you've come to the right place! Giving tickets or musical instruments can be very expensive and the person you give them to could even possibly sell them on. Today we will look at alternative gifts for the music lovers out there.

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5 original gifts for music lovers

1. A Bracelet of Strings

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It's hard to imagine but these bracelets do exist. Made from the same material as guitar strings, these bracelets are sold in quite a lot of stores and would make for an excellent gift. Unfortunately, the bracelet is not suitable for people who have a lot of hair on their arms, at least if they want to keep it that way.

2. Shower Speaker

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If they listen to music all day on their birthday, then why not in the shower as well? This speaker works via a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to continue singing along to your favourite tunes in the shower. Just be sure to forewarn their partner or roommates that they can expect even more singing from now on.

3. Vinyl Separator

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This gift is very original and for any record collector out there. Help your friend organise their record collection in alphabetical order with these separators. The wood finish is very elegant and will help transform any collection.

4. Personalised Plectrum

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Give them a guitar pick with a special meaning. Use a favourite quote or song lyrics or something they happen to love. Each time they play guitar, they will remember you.

5. Framed Song Lyrics

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Do you share a special song? Perhaps the first song you danced together to, or a song from their wedding. Something with a really special meaning would be this framed collection of the song lyrics to hang at home. Every time they walk past it they will think of you.

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original gifts

Obviously, we can't end this article without suggesting one more amazing gift! You can also create your very own personalised phone case with your friend's favourite singer or band to surprise them with.

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