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GoCustomized Coupon Codes

Do you want to buy one of our custom phone cases for a better – lower - price? Would you like to know which kind of GoCustomized coupon codes we have and where to find them? Shop smart by getting a good quality custom phone case and best price-quality ratio. At GoCustomized we always have some good deals going on so you can enjoy our best prices. Check out this post to know what type of coupon codes we have to offer you, where to find them and how to use them. A unique personalized phone case and best price always feels better, doesn´t it?

GoCustomized coupon codes

Who doesn´t enjoy getting the best deal when shopping? We do, so that´s why we are going to share with you today what kind of GoCustomized coupon codes we have and how to find them. Let's get started!

1. First time visiting us?

We like to give a warm welcome to all our new visitors. Because first impressions are always important, we offer a GoCustomized coupon code of 5% when you first visit our web page. This pop-up will appear on your screen and it will give you the option of receiving a 5% discount on your first order by signing up to our newsletter.

Gocustomized coupon code 5%

You can also open a new incognito window if you want to see the pop-up message again, even though we have already met ? Or you can go directly to the newsletter in our homepage by scrolling down a little bit until you get to this banner:

gocustomized coupon code newsletter

This GoCustomized coupon code is always available and permanent on our website for you to use! Also, by subscribing to the newsletter we will notify you of other (higher) discounts that we have on special occasions such as Christmas, Mother´s Day, Easter, etc. It´s a great chance to be UpToDate of all our new products and discounts. Don’t miss it!

2. GoCustomized coupon codes also on Social Media

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to know which special GoCustomized coupon codes we have running at that moment. These coupon codes are temporary, so don´t wait too long till expires! See an example of our last Halloween special offer:

GoCustomized coupon code 25%

Want more? Sure! In our Facebook and Instagram account, we also have this active promotion every month: giveaway a free case! Free. Love that word. You just need to share on of our post on Fabebook or upload a picture in Instagram and tag us so we can include you in the contest.

GoCustomized coupon codes contest

Also, we sometimes repost from bloggers that use our phone cases and they have discount codes for their own followers. So why not also enjoying this GoCustomized coupon codes from the bloggers?

3. Special GoCustomized coupon codes

Special heads-up to the promotions we launch on our website! As mentioned before, we have special promotions for special moments or periods, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. There are some things to point out regarding the GoCusotmized coupon codes: they are not accumulative – you can only use one coupon code per order - and they have an expiration date. So you already know: one shot, one opportunity!

GoCustomized Coupon code special

4. How to use our GoCustomized coupon codes

Easy peasy. Once you have your GoCustomized coupon code targeted, then you only need to go to the customizer.


Select your phone case model, type case and color case. Then, you design your case as you wish. Once you are done, the page will take you to the checkout page where your coupon code plays its role. Fill in all the details and in step number 4 “CHECKOUT REVIEW” you can enter your discount code in the box. Click on “APPLY COUPON” and the price will be automatically deducted from your final price.

GoCustomized coupon code use

Double check that all the information is correct, place your order and… you´re done ★ order! Now you only have to wait to receive your case more economically friendly.

So, to sum-up a little bit. GoCustomized coupon codes van be found:

  • Newsletter 5%
  • Social Media
  • In our homepage for special promotions
  • Bloggers

To make it short, if you follow us a little bit you will definitely not miss any of the deals we are constantly giving away. Any questions? Please let know by posting a comment here bellow. Hope you have enjoyed this article and hope even more you will get all the great GoCustomized coupon codes we have!

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