GoCustomized reached 100,000 customers!

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Ever since the company launched in May 2012, our goal at GoCustomized has been to offer customers the opportunity to create unique and personalised phone cases using their own images and ideas. Fast forward 4 years, and the company has online shops in many major European countries. In addition, in early May 2016, we crossed the 100,000 customer mark!

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What started off as a dream turned into a reality when GoCustomized CEO Michiel Van de Plassche opened GoCustomized’s first online store in the Netherlands, with the first product offered being an iPhone 4 personalised rear glass case, followed by unique wooden and leather cases. After seeing much success, expansion into different markets was the next logical step, including Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Sweden.


So, what exactly do we do at GoCustomized?

We help customers create the phone case that they always wanted. Customers can upload a photo or logo of their choice right from Facebook, Instagram or their PC, and begin designing! Using our editor, it’s easy to reposition, rotate and resize images and add a specific text using different fonts and colours. We have made the process so that it’s not only fun to make your own phone case, but also very rewarding. We offer a high variety of different case types, so that almost all visitors have the option of creating their own personalised phone case.

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How exactly did we get in the position that we’re in?

Although more and more smartphones are being released every year, their look and feel have become one of the same. A lack of creativity allowed for GoCustomized to take advantage and offer consumers exactly what they want: a chance to be unique and stand out! Couple that with our desire to stay ahead of the curve, we managed to build a loyal customer base by offering new and fashionable consumer products, which is evident by our most recent release: the cork case!

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We offer a high variety of different case types, so that almost all visitors have the option of creating their own personalised phone case. Our catalogue consists of hard cases, soft cases, wallet cases, wooden cases and now cork cases! It’s important for us that everyone has the chance to protect their smartphones, in style! As a result, we’re constantly expanding our offerings on a weekly basis and will continue doing so for all future phones!


One of the most important parts of our success comes from our relations to our customers. We believe that our customers are top priority and as a result, we try to make them as happy as possible. In the event that a customer is unsure about their order or unsatisfied with their product, our support team ensures that a suitable solution is found! At the end of the day, customers leave satisfied with what is offered and receive the personalised phone case they deserve.


We cannot say thank you to all of our customers enough. This entire journey would not have been possible without you and you have helped turn a simple idea into a reality! We are still growing and do not expect to stop anytime soon so that we can offer you the best personalised phone cases on the market!


From the bottom of our heart, we thank you for your loyalty, creativity and dedication to our brand and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the years to come!


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