The GoCustomized Sweepstakes in October: A Halloween Story

Soon it will be Halloween again! Outrageous costumes will go through the streets and say "Trick or Treat?" at the front door. While the pumpkin soup is steaming on the stove and you warm up in the house, you will hear one or another Halloween story. Read our Halloween story, what terrifying things have happened in the GoCustomized office, and participate in our Halloween contest. Experience at the end of the Halloween story how you can get, with a little luck, a scary-nice surprise!

Do you want to know what will happen in the Halloween story and what you can win? Then stay tuned!

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Chapter 1

It was already eight o'clock in the evening on the 31st of October, when it slowly became quieter. One by one, they left the office and went home. Only one light still burned. Lena was still sitting at the computer. She had wanted to tackle the project that had been lying on her desk for weeks, forgetting the time. The storm was raging outside. Violent gusts of wind made the branches of the surrounding trees whip on the roof as the rain rattled against the windows. It was now dark. Lena was about to write the last sentence, when the light flickered and then extinguished completely. Her screen was black. "This can't be happening" she thought. Around her a black nothingness, just lit by flashes of lightning. She did not realize that she would now play the lead role in a spooky Halloween story ...

Chapter 2

In the office one could not see your own hand, as it was dark as night. Only now did she realize that it was already late. And that she was all alone. She felt panic rise inside her. "Nothing," she tried to calm down, "I will just pack my things together, and the electricity will come back on soon." She reached for her handbag, cell phone, and keys, and groped cautiously along the desk. Suddenly a crack sounded, and a little orange shape appeared in front of the window. Lena screamed. A demonic face, carved into a pumpkin, stared at her. She was petrified. And away was the weird appearance, as quickly as it appeared. The darkness had devoured Lena again. "It was just one of those Halloween pumpkins, nothing more," she told herself. She hurried and went a few steps forward.

Chapter 3

She was almost in the middle of the entrance hall when she felt a  gust of wind. At the same time she felt something cold touching her on the shoulder. Lena had to suppress a scream and almost dropped her keys. What was that?! She was petrified. In the office, it was windless again, as if nothing had happened. The darkness oppressed her. Lena tried to get out of her shock. She ran on, this time faster, towards the exit. The clacking of her shoes and the sound of her breathing echoed in the big hall. Again something swept over her. A cold shiver ran down her spine. "Get out!" cried every fiber in her. Now Lena ran. She had just reached the front door, and she skidded to a stop.

Chapter 4

A small, thin figure crouched before her. She wore a pointed hat, and in the dim light of the entrance door, Lena also noticed an unnaturally long nose. "Was that a ... witch?" This really could not be. Her thoughts were broken. "Sorry, I scared you. I was just on my broom and then ... I fell. " Lena sat next to her, and the witch was just telling her, her own Halloween story when the lights went back on in the office. After the broom was repaired and the witch had filled the energy reserves with a toastie, the two of them went home. But the witch without casting one more spell over the office: "A special surprise in the cases Miraculum!".

And so this Halloween story tells us that little ghosts, witches and gourds were hiding in our phone cases. Just in time for Halloween, you can design your own custom phone case and get the chance to find an incredibly beautiful surprise in your case!

sweepstakes halloween

Use the 5% discount coupon (HALLOWEEN-2017) on GoCustomized and look for a ghost (25% discount), a witch (50% discount) or a gourd (voucher for a free mobile phone cover) in your order. If you were lucky enough to find one of the horror creatures from the Halloween story, share your surprise with us! Post a photo of the creature that has visited you on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #gocustomized or tag us @gocustomized. If the pumpkin from the Halloween story haunted you, we are glad that it inspired you to create a phone case which you designed. Happy Halloween and good luck!

Promotion valid until 31/10/2017

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