Google, Beyond the Search Engine

We all know Google. We all use Google. We probably don't know how people existed BGE (Before Google Era). Google has been making major moves outside of the search engine spectrum and today we will be asking "more of our phone." Read on to see what we mean

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The battle between Samsung and iPhone is one that predates the beginning of both phone and probably will never end until another player enters the scene and takes over. Today we will taking about the Google Pixel 2 which apparently is the phone that "only Google could [create]." So lets get to it.

Google Pixel 2: Aesthetics and Specs

To sum it up the Google Pixel 2 (GP2) it pretty much looks like the iPhone with an and android operating system. Google has taken the best of both phones and enhanced it... more or less.

Aesthetically the GP2 has a metal body for the most part with a pretty sizable glass portion at the top, where the camera and flash are located. You will not find an even distribution of buttons as both the volume and power on/off buttons are located at the right with the USB- C port at the bottom. Do you love your head phone jack? Well, you can say goodbye to that now (again if you are an ex or current iPhone user). And if you are a lover of music then you will love the fact that the GP2 has front and rear speakers, the sound quality will be incomparable.

On the backside, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the GP2 has the finger scanner that Google claims to be the fastest yet! The phone itself is also water and dust resistant. Meaning if your phone takes a relaxing dip into the bath or decides to be active at the beach it will still function without riding the struggle bus.

The screen itself is much larger than its predecessor, however the GP2 takes on the style of the iPhone by not extending the screen all the way to the bottom and top. The phone is also equipped with the squeeze senor which allows you to active the Google Assistant. Don't worry if you have a strong grip or prone to anger when holding your phone, with the smart squeeze detection feature you won't be getting "Hi, how can I help you?" every 2 seconds.

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Google Pixel 2: In depth, Camera, and Battery

The GP2 runs on the Android Oreo 8.0 (out of the box) and has the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset which matches the LG V30, HTC U11, and Sony XZ1. It also has 4GB of RAM and can be paired with 64 or 128 GB of internal storage. In less fancier terms, you can throw basically anything at this phone and it will perform quickly with basically unlimited storage capabilities.

Moving onto the camera that almost every phone envies. The 12 MP rear camera with an impressive DxOMark of 98, which the highest of any phone yet. All with one camera the GP2 is able to perform feats. Everything your current 2 cameras can do the GP2 can do with one and can do it better. Don't worry for those selfie lovers, the front camera is not as great as the back but is still better than what you currently have. From Google searching from what you see when taking pictures to performing exceptionally well in low lighting the GP2 can do it all. The best part? Buy the phone now and get unlimited cloud storage for your photos and videos until 2021.

The battery holds all day, and from 15 minutes of charge you can get up to 7 hours of use - which is downright impressive. The downside is that you will have to continue using wires as this phone does not offer wireless charging... yet.

Price: From £629

Release Date:  Already on the market

Source: CNET

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