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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Technology is improving on a daily basis in order to make our lives more convenient. New and innovative products, that we would have never imagined, are coming to the market. Product research and development has been a vital part of many large companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google. So, what is the Google Home and why is it so groundbreaking?


Well first of all, the Google Home really isn’t anything new. In June 2015, Amazon released a wireless, voice controlled speaker called the Amazon Echo that could be connected to your phone and play music. The catch was that you could activate and control it with your voice, making listening to music even more convenient. So now, Google has introduced their version, except with a little bit more of a Google twist to it.


The Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

So, what’s the point of these speakers? Obviously, their main function is to wirelessly play music using voice controlled artificial intelligence. However, both the Google Home and Amazon Echo can make adjustments to your daily calendar, manage specific lists and help with basic tasks, all being done with the power of your voice.

Google Home Amazon Echo 1


These speakers have a specific AI that will make your life at home as convenient as possible. You can easily start a conversation with them and ask them anything your brain can think of on that day. In this case, Google Home is more superior simply because this is what Google does. Amazon is known as an online marketplace, while Google is a search engine. Google has used its advanced voice recognition technology and infamous algorithm to allow users to vocally ask the Google Home about what the weather will be like, what traffic is like and if a flight is delayed or not.


However, the Amazon Echo is also growing. Amazon has opened its AI, also known as Alexa, to developers, so they can further improve the Amazon Echo’s capabilities. Google has yet to release the Home’s developer kit to the public, so as of now, development is solely in their hands.

Google Home Amazon Echo 2


In a few years, we’ll have a better idea of how these all-in-one speakers will play out. If they grow popular enough, you will definitely begin seeing larger tech companies, such as Microsoft and Apple, making their own variations!


What do you think? Will they succeed and become a vital part of daily life in the near future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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