Google Pixel 3 Rumors

Like every year, the biggest smartphone brands are working on their latest models with the aim of making it the most popular one available. Even though Google hasn't officially confirmed the release of the Google Pixel 3, we all know it is coming. And, as always, a lot of information and even pictures have been leaked long before the actual launch. We have searched for the most reliable Google Pixel 3 rumors and summarized them all in this article. If you are thinking about getting the newest Pixel model, you should definitely keep reading!


So far Google hasn't confirmed any information about this year's Pixel model but we will tell you all the Google Pixel 3 rumors we could find. We will cover the name, design, storage capacity, price and release date in this post.



Before we start talking about the details, let's think about the name of Google's latest smartphone first.

There is almost no doubt that it will be called Google Pixel 3 but the name hasn't been confirmed yet. As of now, only the code names were leaked and there was not two but three of them! “Crosshatch,” “Albacore,” and “Blueline,” is what Google has been calling the models. Even though this makes it seem like there will be 3 different models, we can't be sure just yet. Last year, there were also three code names for the Pixel 2 but in the end, only two models were launched.



Even though we expect to see some changes in the design compared to the Pixel 2, they won't be very drastic.

Multiple leaks have already confirmed the rumors about the new Pixel XL's notch on the screen. A lot of the smartphones released after the iPhone X now have this notch at the top of the screen so this change is not a surprise. The standard version of the Pixel 3 won't get a notch though. Furthermore, the bezels will become much slimmer compared to the Pixel 2 so that overall, the screen will be larger.

According to the leaked information, the Pixel 3 will have a 5.3-inch display while its bigger brother, the Pixel 3 XL will come with a pretty huge 6.2-inch display.

According to the pictures that have been leaked already, the Pixel 3 will get a dual-camera setup on the front as well as another single lens on the back. On top of that, it seems like the front-facing speakers will return but not the headphone jack. One feature that will definitely remain the same is the fingerprint sensor on the back of the smartphone.


Storage Capacity

According to a leak, there will be a model with a storage capacity of 128GB and 4GB of RAM. It’s very likely that there will be a version with less storage capacity for a lower price like we have seen with most smartphones.



To get a rough idea, let' have a look at the last model's prices. The Pixel 2 is available for $649 while the Pixel 2 XL is $849. Over the last years, we have experienced increasing smartphone prices so that it is pretty safe to say that the Pixel 3 will either be either around the same price or more expensive than its predecessor.

However, if there will be 3 different models, there might be a cheaper option.



Release Date

Since both the Pixel and the Pixel 2 were launched on October 4th, we can assume that the Pixel 3 will be launched on that same date this year.


What do you think about these Google Pixel 3 rumors so far? Which ones of the features do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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