Google Pixel Buds: Bluetooth headset that translates for you!

Even though Google is not the first company that has made a headset that can translate, they certainly come to the table with a new innovative product!

Google Pixel Buds

During the presentation of Google's new products, they came with a small surprise. Google presented the Bluetooth headphones called Google Pixel Buds. The ear plugs are joined together with a thread behind the neck. By pressing the earplug, you can stop or start a song. With a swipe forward or backward, the volume of Google Pixel Buds can be controlled. Read on to find out more about Googles innovative product!

Source: TheGuardian

Google Assistant

In addition to Google Pixel Buds, Google also presents the "Google Pixel" (smartphone). These products together support the Google Assistant software. With this software you will get automatic notifications and you can ask the assistant, just like Siri (Apple) questions and she will help you with everything she can. Google products are becoming more personal.

Source: Android World

The Google Pixel Buds can be used for 5 hours. This does not seem super long, but since they are not large, this is very handy. The headphone comes with a box where you can store them, but also charge them at the same time!

Source: Android World

What everyone finds is the most impressive feature of the Google Pixel Buds is Google translate.You can now conduct and translate real-time conversations using Google Translate. It supports 40 different languages. During the conversation, the speaker in the Bluetooth headphone will translate what you hear when you hold the button.

What is the price of the Google Pixel Buds?

The Google Pixel Buds consists of 3 different colors: white, blue and black. You can place a pre-order for November and the price will be around $ 159.

Source: Android World

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