Halloween is here!

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Pumpkins scream in the dead of night..." I can't stop thinking about this song from the Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween. Is it the same for you? Well, get ready because Halloween is almost here! It's that time of the year when it is socially acceptable to dress up as a zombie or a werewolf. If you don't have a good outfit yet don't despair, you still have time left to put something together. As a perfect complement to your disguise, we have put together a list of some personalised phone cases to match your outfit.

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Perfect cases for Halloween

This case seems creepy! I'm sure all your friends would be scared of it. You can't seem to escape them, they're all looking directly at you!

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This ghost case must make it complicated to use your phone, but it still looks great regardless! If you are trying to be spooky this year, this is the case to go for!


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In Mexico, Halloween is very special because the day after, on November 1, is the Day of the Dead, a very important occasion where you can find street meals, parties and colored lights on every street, as a celebration of life. Also, you can not miss the "Catrina" or painted skulls, they are awesome and make for a great case.

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Scary movie cases

Returning to one of my favorite characters, the legendary Jack Skellington and this Catrina design is really cool:

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If you're going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, don't get caught by the witch!

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Now it is up to you to create your own case! Take out your darker side and frighten all your friends. Simply go to GoCustomized and create your personalised case. It is easy and fast, just choose your favorite photo and add it to the Customiser. You can modify it as you like and add text. What do you think of our creation? We could not miss the Simpsons!


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