What are heartwarming gifts for women?

The three best gifts for women.

gifts for women 1Last week, we talked about what would be a great gift for a man. If you thought it was difficult to find a gift for males, then prepare yourself for getting gifts for women. Women tend to value their gifts more sentimentally. The best thing to do is to gift them something that gives them sentimental value and that they will cherish over the long term. Getting creative with your gift only helps, so any DIY gift, such as embroidery, would be great! Here are the three best female sentimental gifts that you can make yourself.


Photo frames.

gifts for women frame


A photo frame is an easy, but meaningful and cheap gift to give. All you need is a good photo and a little creativity. Simply purchase a photo frame and decorate it with all sorts of objects, preferably things that represent “her”. At Ikea or any local hardware store, you will find all sorts of crafting materials for less than £3. Use different textures such as dried flowers, old wrapping paper, glitter and even raw noodles. Markers or water colour paint will brighten up the frame and once this is all done, place that special photo in the frame and give a heart warming gift!


Personalised phone or tablet cases.

gifts for women cases


Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore, an accessory to go along with any device would make for a great gift! From cases to speakers, all types of beneficial accessories are great, but the issue with most of them are that they are all similar to each other. So why not kill two birds with one stone? With a personalised phone case or personalised tablet case, you could have the perfect unique gift that they would never expect. The most difficult thing about this is choosing the ideal picture, so think carefully about what picture is perfect for that special woman.


Newspaper baskets.

gifts for women basket


This is one of the more unusual gifts for women and it will most likely take longer to finish than the previous 2 gifts listed. To finish this one, you will have to put in a few hours of work, but the end result will be amazing. Do you have piles of dead newspapers in your house? Instead of throwing them away, give them a second chance and make an original and inexpensive gift. All you need for this are piles of newspapers, knitting needles (or other long, thin objects) and some paint. Roll each page into thin branches with different and patiently link them together in order to create the shape you want. The rolled up pieces of newspaper will ensure that the basket ends up sturdy and strong. When it’s all dried up, give it a coat of paint and that’s it! Baskets help keep everything in place, such as jewelry, cables or magazines and its personalised touch will make it feel more meaningful!


Do you know anymore gifts for women? Tell us what you thought of in the comment section below!

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