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How To: Emoji's

Emoji's are quickly gaining popularity and they are seen literally everywhere - there is even a movie made starring the iconic emoji . But what is the appropriate etiquette for these little icons? Keep reading to find out more!

How to use emojis

There have been many new studies that examine every aspect of emoticons, from why are they used to if they enhance getting our point across. Either way the emoji is here and we must know the rules as to not commit a faux pas.

Emojis have a place in the sentence. Most of the time emojis either appear at the beginning of a sentence or at the end. If an emoji is found in the middle of text, then rest assured it is in between complete thoughts. Rarely, but it happens, people replace words for emojis - this however can increase misunderstanding when directly communicating with people.. so choose wisely.

Emojis typically add meaning to the previous words - like an enhancement or punctuation. This is why they are present on many social media platforms more commonly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Eomojis are also present offline, on pillows and even phone cases!

Emojis respect linear time and action . Creating a story from emojis or conveying a deeper meaning the emojis must be in the right order. For example  this

As opposed to this

Another rule that we can see is that emojis come in a set of two or three and it is the stance then the action. In other words usually someone writes the emotion and how it makes them feel. You cry then experience heart break instead of the reverse

Best emojis to use

Emojis are versatile and their usage varies from person to person. The most common ones used are the heart eyes, laughing with tears, prayer hands, fist bump, blowing a kiss, tears, and upside down smiley.

But do not be limited with just these! The keyboard is always being updated, so explore and get to know where everything is

The best use for the emoji is of course on any social media platform and texting. But do not be limited to the virtual world! Show your common emotion on a pone case for example!


Emoji's 2.0

is the emoji keyboard slacking? is there something that just isn't conveying your message? No fear! There are many emoji creator apps

Bitmoji: Literally create a look alike and let the mini you express your feelings! The bitmoji can be used with apps like Facebook messenger and SnapChat - where your bitmoji can interact with your friend's bitmoji

Emoji Maker: Personal Emotions: Available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play. Create emojis by using your face and actually making the face! Best thing is that the app is totally free!

All in all emojis are slowly taking over our online world. We use them to express ourselves and bring more meaning to what we are trying to convey. It takes just plain text and infuses our feelings into it. Create a case expressing yourself, perhaps with an emoji today!

Tell us how you use emojis and if there are any other rules that you've noticed!

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