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How to Support the Seahawks

Are you a huge sports fan? Do you love the MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA, NBA, and anything else you can watch or read about? Then you might just be a super fan. If you are proud of that fact, then this article is for you. We will talk about the best ways to support the NFL's Seattle Seahawks, and you can use these tips for any team! Go Seahawks!

Image credit: Seahawks.com

Everybody loves showing their support for something they love and players love feeding off their fans.  The Seattle Seahawks have the record for the loudest stadium in the world, and that's because they have fans that love to show their support! Other than yelling as loud as you can until you pass out, here are some other ideas to show your support:

1). Get a Permanent Tattoo of your Favorite Team

Everybody loves and respects dedication. So if you make a lifelong commitment to a tattoo nobody will doubt your true fandom!

That way, even if your girlfriend is making you wash your favorite jersey (never wash your favorite jersey, it's bad luck) she can never make you take off a tattoo! Top tip: Do not get a tattoo unless you are ready to ascend to the next level of fandom. If you just follow the best team year to year, you might run out of room on your body to get new tattoos every year. I recommend this step once you have truly decided on your favorite team to show your support for. This is an all around great way to support your team.

2). Dedicate your life to mastering the sport and then join the team

There is no better way to support the Seattle Seahawks then training to becoming an elite receiver and scoring the game winning touchdown. This option will take much more time and dedication than the first, but will be appreciated by fans, players, coaches, owners, and you can also earn millions of dollars.

I recommend starting slow with maybe some daily crunches, push ups, jogging etc. When you start to get into shape, quit your job and train for 6-8 hours a day. You need to combine physical conditioning with mental preparation. Film study, learning the plays, studying your own strengths and weaknesses. After a few years of intense training, you should be ready to tryout for the Seahawks! Once you beat the near impossible odds and make the team, you are on your way to showing true fandom. The Seahawks will be truly appreciative that you are helping them win games, and eventually the Superbowl. If you help them enough they will know that you are the biggest fan of all time.

3). Design Custom Phone Case with your Favorite Team on it

If a lifetime of dedication is too much for you, then maybe slapping their logo on a phone case from Gocustomized.com is the perfect route.

Everyone will still know your true fandom, and you don't have to commit to something for the rest of your life. This is a good compromise between a lifetime of dedication and being an average fan. Gocustomized allows you to customize your phones and gadgets with any image you want, so slap your favorite player or team on a phone case and bring it with you wherever you go to show your fandom! The only drawback is this wont you earn that multi-million dollar contract as seen in suggestion #2.

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