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How to: wrap gifts

It's that time again in less than three weeks! Christmas is around the corner. The bought or hand-made gifts are already stacking, some may still be looking for the right gift for their men in their life. One thing is missing. We have to wrap the presents! Because nothing beats beautifully packaged gifts. It does not matter if it is classic or unusual, with a little skill it is very easy to wrap presents. So to all who have two left hands: Help is in sight! Just follow the steps in our instructions to wrap your gifts.

Was man zum Geschenke verpacken braucht

What you need to wrap gifts:

-Rectangular gift / box
-Wrapping paper
-A Christmas playlist

Instructions for gifts packing

Step 1: Now roll up the wrapping paper so that the beautiful side faces down. Put the item or gift box on the wrapping paper. Make sure that the protruding paper on the right and left is enough to wrap the whole gift.

Step 2: Cut the wrapping paper appropriately. Tip: Place a heavy object on the side with the roll so that the wrapping paper does not slip during the gift wrapping.

Step 3: Flip the above protruding side over the gift and fix it with an adhesive strip on the gift.

Step 4: Take the other side and wrap it around the present and fix it with an adhesive strip.

Step 5: Now we come to the short sides - the tricky part of gift wrapping. Take the paper over the top edge, smooth it and fold it down.

Step 6: Fold the right edge to the packet and fix it with an adhesive strip. Repeat this step with the left edge.

Step 7: Smooth down the wrapping paper at the bottom edge and fold the edges into a light triangle. Fold a few inches of the triangle top, flip up the bottom side and fix it to the present.

Step 8: Another one! Repeat steps 5 to 7 for the other short side.

Step 9: As with any good outfit, the details also play a big role in gift packaging! Cut off a generous piece of gift ribbon and stretch it over the top of the packet (the side that has no seam).

Step 10: Hold the two protruding ends to the sides of the packet and gently flip it over.

Step 11: Now cross the ends and put them around the short side of the gift. Hold the ends and turn the present over again.

Step 12: Knit the two ends over the packet. We are almost there!

Step 13: Pick up a pair of scissors, open it and attach the blade to one of the hinges above the knot. Pull the blade quickly to the end of the gift ribbon. Repeat this step with the other end.

Step 14: Add a little bit of gold and silver, a bit of glitter! To make it extra special you can tape artful branches on your gift or other fun accessories.

- DONE! -

The perfect gift wrap without effort?

If you follow these steps, you can easily wrap your gifts in a DIY style. And while gift wrapping can be fun when you sing the classic Christmas carols, it's nice to not have to worry about gift wrapping. At GoCustomized, you can not only design your own mobile phone cases for your loved ones, but also order the perfect gift box! The festive wrapping paper scores (in the truest sense of the word) with an elegant polka-dot pattern in gold and silver. And for those who want to get on with it, theDeluxe gift box with a gift box in elegant black and sparkling confetti provides the special wow effect.

Whether you choose the wrapping paper or the Deluxe Gift Wrap, an unforgettable Christmas is guaranteed.

What are your tips and tricks to wrap gifts beautifully? Let us know in the comments.

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