• A phone case that does so much more

    After the article which explains why you should get a phone case, we know that you are completely convinced that it’s the best thing to do. But why limit your phone case to only being a phone case? Look at all the others things that your phone case can do for you.

    phone cases that make your like easier

    Of course the first purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone. And what else can it does anyway? Much more than you can imagine!


    Find your perfect phone case

    Let's see 10 examples of phone cases that do more than protect your phone:

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  • Best festival phone cases

    Festival season has begun! Whether it’s techno, house, rock or hip-hop, there’s a suitable event for everyone. One of the most important things during such an event is the appropriate outfit, so you can take a look at stars and their outfits at Coachella recently. Even more difficult is matching your smartphone to your outfit for a festival. Online, you can choose from a large amount of case types, but sometimes it’s just hard to decide on a pre-made style. That’s why you can make your own phone case at GoCustomized! Here, you’ll find the best options for your designs.


    Phone case designs for the best festival style

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  • Most innovative smartphone ideas of 2016

    As of late, smartphones have begun looking alike, with smooth metal exteriors and essentially the same internal specifications. To get ahead of and to differentiate themselves from the competition, some smartphone manufacturers have begun to adapt. Making innovative products is an important part of every market, especially the mobile phone market, and these companies have recently created phones that have brand new features:

    Innovative smartphone ideas



    Motorola Innovative Cases


    The Moto Z is made entirely of aluminum and has a modular design, meaning that different accessories can be attached to the device to add functionality!

    For example, if you’re running out of battery, you can easily attach a module to the phone to extend your phone’s life.

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  • Great father's day gift ideas

    Father’s Day is quickly approaching on Sunday! Have you found your gift? If not, don’t worry. We have some great Father’s Day ideas for this year.


    What are some great Father's Day gifts?


    1. Mölkky

      Father's Day Molkky

    Do you know about this great game? It’s similar to bowling, but in a way much better. You can play this game with your family when you’re relaxing at home, or even on the beach during summertime. You can find the rules here! You can purchase it for £19.99 or if you’re a handyman, you can even make it yourself!

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  • GoCustomized social networks

    Find out what social networks we use, connect with us and don’t miss out on our latest news!


    The use of social networks has grown in recent years and it seems like this trend will continue to grow stronger. Social networks help us connect with people from the past and present and give us the opportunity to know what our favourite celebrities are up to. In addition to family, friends and celebrities, we can see exactly what companies from all the around the world are creating!

    Social Networks GoCustomized

    At GoCustomized, we believe it is very important to show who we are and what we do as a company. For us, the use of social networks is almost as necessary as our website itself. Our goal is to create a community of followers that share the same interest and passion as us! We are active in many different social networks in order to give visitors and customers the information they want about us and our products! Keep reading this article to find out where you can find us and what we focus on in this posts!

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  • The perfect gift for a teenager

    There is nothing more difficult than trying to find a gift for a teenager. If you’re not one yourself, then teens sometimes come off as beings from another world. Sometimes they’ve loving and dream of their bright future, but within a split second, they want to be alone. They always know what’s trendy and what music is cool, so they change what they want as often as they change their socks. And then there’s always the use of slang that you may never understand, like “YOLO”, “It’s been a minute” and so on. So are you having trouble finding a gift for a typical teenager? Don’t worry, here you’ll find the best gift ideas for teenagers!


    Creative gifts for a teenager

    Don’t start thinking about gifting clothes or music. Teenagers are experts in this field and are very picky! The following options would probably be better for you.

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  • What is your perfect phone case design?

    We here at GoCustomized specialise in customising designs for smartphone and tablets and our goal is to help you find the perfect phone case that fits your personality perfectly. Images on phone cases reflect your tastes, so essentially all your accessories show a little bit about you! To make this easier and more fun for you, we’ve created a post about unique design styles that you could create right on your personalised phone case!

    design phone cases

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