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iOS 10: what do we know about it?

Each year, Apple releases a new smartphone. To go along with that new smartphone, Apple also updates iOS with new features. We at GoCustomized are always interested in finding out more about Apple’s next release, so that we can prepare a personalised phone case just for you ahead of its release!



What's new in iOS 10?

This year, the Cupertino based company has reached a landmark with iOS 10, which was announced at its yearly WWDC conference. This update is by no means the same overhaul the iOS 7 was, but has added a handful of small, but potentially useful features. Keep reading and find out what you can expect from this year’s release!


One of the main features that Apple stressed in its presentation is the redesign of the lock screen, notifications and several apps.

iOS 10 Lockscreen


The lock screen now has a different look and feel to it and displays more information at first sight. To add on to its functionality, users can now swipe right on the lock screen to have full access to widgets. You can personally choose what these widgets will display, such as the weather, the score of a football game and much more.


Additionally, users will be able to tap on these apps on the lock screen to quickly reply to a message or accept a meeting invite, without having to enter the app. It’s practical and can save time.


Several built-in apps that received a visual overhaul in iOS 10 are the Photos, Maps and Music app. They’ve improved on each app’s responsiveness and look, while still maintaining that Apple “feel” and quality.


One of the biggest app improvements is definitely Apple Messages, or iMessage. Emojis have been made 3 times bigger and if the user types in a sentence with an emojifiable word, such as “moon” or “goat”, a recommended emoji will pop up and give you an option to officially replace the word. Yes, you understood that right. We’ll never have to speak like normal human beings again.

iOS 10 Siri


Now, on the developer side, Apple is opening up Siri’s code, so that companies can start getting creative with how their apps can function inside iOS. This means that a company like WhatsApp can make it possible for users to simply say “Siri, message Bill Gates on WhatsApp and tell him I’ll be 20 minutes late.” And that’s it. You no longer have to manually and physically open the app, you can just tell your assistant to do it instead.


Did we miss out any more information about iOS 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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