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iPhone 8 Rumors!

Are you an iPhone mega fan? Or you just love the number 8 after things? Well, soon you will both get what you want. The new iPhone 8, to be released in fall 2017. Some people hate waiting, so we will be discussing the biggest rumors about the soon to be released iPhone 8.

Alright, here we go, the moment you have all been waiting for. The release of the iPhone 8.... well not quite yet. But here are some huge rumors about it!


1). Edge to Edge display

Apple is known for groundbreaking revolutions in technology, and it sounds like they are at it again. The rumor here is that they are going to get rid of the home button for good! Apple is said to be introducing a display that covers the whole front of the phone, which is something the world has not seen before. If this rumor is true, it would revolutionize the smartphone industry forever.

There are rumors that this technology has been especially difficult to implement and may cause major delays for the iPhone 8. The technology is that groundbreaking!

2). All new glass body.

Apple is rumored to be done making phones out of the aluminum bodies they used to use. They are now said to use an all glass body, somewhat similar to the one used on the iPhone 4. This may stop all the iPhones from bending like they used to, and give it a much sleeker and feel than before. Remember, these are just rumors. For all we know Apple might be using dolphin skin for the outside of the cases (okay they probably aren't using dolphins). But a glass body could be a big shakeup for the iPhone 8.

3). Apple might release an "iPhone Pro"

That's right, the iPhone +s is no longer going to cut it, if you want to be on top. You are going to need to go even farther up the iPhone chain.

It is rumored this new Pro might have a bigger screen, much higher resolution display, and a faster chip than the iPhone 8s.


We never really know with Apple, rumors in the past have turned out to be completely untrue. So don't count your chickens before they hatch! But when they finally do hatch, make sure to get the best protection for your iPhone 8 by visiting GoCustomized and getting a sweet new custom phone case for your iPhone 8!

GoCustomized will have custom phone cases for the iPhone 8 as soon as it launches!


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