What YOUR iPhone case says about YOU?

Raise your hands if you obsessively take Buzzfeed quizzes? ? ?  We definitely are and there is no shame about it. We all love our phones dearly and picking out a case for it is no easy task. But did you know that the case that you ultimate decide on can say a lot about your personality? Intrigued? Read on to find out what your iPhone case design says about you.


With a loving photo of your friends, family, pet, or significant other frozen in time in the perfect moment shows your priorities. You have an unbreakable loyalty to the most important people in your life. Your trust is hard to gain but once they have it you will always have their back no matter what. When a loved one betrays you it is hard for them to get back in your good graces. They are lucky to have you in their life.

Best cases for this design are: slim cases - either standard or full wrap


Don't live your life in chronological order. Don't watch the clock, do as it does and keep going. Everyday is an adventure so enjoy the journey. Do these all sound familiar to you? Are these or other quotes your mantra? Then without a doubt you are the motivator. You not only motivate yourself but others to achieve what they set out to do. The quote on the back serves as a reminder to never give up. Keep being you, even when your friends groan they do appreciate the motivation.

Best case for this design is: silicone case - in either transparent, white, or black


Is your case filled with colors, almost like a pinata exploded on it? Just like your vibrant case you are outgoing and are a social butterfly. You live for the excitement and you just can't keep still! You are the friend in the group that is the glue and you are always coming up with what to do next. You are friendly and make friends where ever you go. You are also known as the loud one, but those who call you that are just haters.

Best cases for this design are: silicone or hard cases


You opt for the phone case with the cool geometric design either in vibrant or muted hues. You like the complex yet predictable lines of the design. Every line and color has a purpose - it's organized chaos. You are all fact and logic based. The big abstract ideas makes you feel uneasy and you much prefer to work with the finer details. Overthinking everything is in your nature which is why making decisions is not something you do on impulse.

Best cases for this design are: hard caseswallet cases, or flip cases

Girly Girl

You opt for the finer things in life. So your phone case is delicate either with a stunning floral pattern or something that is trendy. A common misconception is that you love the color pink, this is not always true! You can still be a high class girly girl without obsessing over the color (and if you do there is also nothing wrong with that).  You probably have more cases than anyone can count, but everyone is always envious as you always have the best and cutest things.

Best case for this design is:  hard cases - either standard or full wrap


Finally the adventure seeker. Your case illustrates your favorite travel destination or even or favorite season. Whatever it is, there are many options and they all demonstrate your passion for travel, the outdoors, and everything in between. You have an insatiable thirst for seeing the world. You probably spend most of your time on a plane or outside. You are sensible, cultured, and knowledgeable. Your friends probably are jealous of your jet setter ways and don't ever know where you are today. So when is the next adventure?

Best cases for this design are: tough cases or wooden cases

No matter which personality you are, you can always make your phone case uniquely you at GoCustomized. We offer a variety of cases for iPhonesSamsungs, and more!

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