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Is the iPhone SE the phone for you?

When comparing the new generation of Apple devices, the iPhone SE really stands out of the crowd because at first glance, the iPhone SE looks like an exact clone of the iPhone 5S. Well, what is the difference between the iPhone SE and a more recent phone, such as the iPhone 6S?

More affordable than the 6S

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The iPhone SE is now available in many countries worldwide starting March 31! The iPhone SE is presented as a "low cost" alternative within Apple’s smartphone lineup. The device is now available for at $399/€489/£359 for a 16 GB version. If customers would like to receive more internal storage, they have to dish out an additional $100/€100/£80 for a total of 64 GB. The new 4-inch model is without a doubt more affordable than the 6S, which cost 749 at release.

This price issue is crucial for Apple if it wants to maintain its position in different markets around the world. In China, Huawei and Xiaomi are two local brands that are leading the smartphone market with attractive prices and solid builds.

At the premium high end, Apple holds approximately 20% of the market. Trying to grab market share from Android is much harder than anticipated, thus Apple must expand its product range with prices and specifications suitable for all demographics.The size and reduced prices of the iPhone SE should give the product a role in the iPhone family.

A surprisingly powerful iPhone

The iPhone SE is much like its predecessor, the iPhone 5S, with its square design and its 4-inch screen size, but it is significantly faster than the iPhone 5S. If we look at its performance, it looks more like the iPhone 6S with a 12 MP camera, voice control with Siri, and an A9 processor which offers performance processing and graphics up to 70% faster and 90% higher than the previous generation.

What a difference with the iPhone 6S?

The big difference between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S, aside from its screen size, is the lack of 3D Touch screen technology, which is something new that Apple introduced into their recent flagship models. The most logical reason behind this move was to allow the iPhone SE to be priced low and affordable for the masses.The iPhone SE is built more compact than the 6S and lighter, at 112 grams compared to 143 grams.

Conclusion: Our opinion 

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The iPhone SE helps us reminisce about the old days of Apple, where 4-inch phones were still common and a prominent part of the smartphone market. It fits well in smaller hands and even better in pockets. In addition, it has the same performance as the iPhone 6S with a much more attractive price.

However with a shift in the cellphone standard, it may be hard to go back to a 4 inch screen, which is not as convenient when typing or watching videos. There are many people who claim that the iPhone 5S is the best iPhone made up until now, with regards to its model and its aesthetics, so they may purchase an iPhone SE, however it’s expected that most iPhone users are looking toward Apple’s release of the iPhone 7.

If you are someone who purchased Apple’s new low-end phone, you can find now order personalised iPhone SE case to protect your new smartphone.

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