iPhone vs Samsung: Who wins

iPhone vs Samsung: Who will win?

Soon Samsung's newest phone, the S10, will be released. To celebrate this release accordingly, we have prepared a small surprise for you. To find out about it, read on as we approach the infamous "iPhone vs Samsung" debate.

Apple and Samsung are by far the biggest producers of smartphones. As direct competitors, both these companies are fighting for dominance of the smartphone market. For many years, Apple  has been leading in the creativity and quality categories, while Samsung has been selling more products. What’s your choice? This article tackles the “iPhone vs Samsung” debate and closely inspects their newest respective smartphones. Afterwards you will know with certainty which brand is better suited to you and for which model you should personalize your phone case.

iPhone vs Samsung


The US-firm is known for its modern designs and reliability. There was a time where no other company could compete with the innovation of Apple. Back when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, which was also one of the first smartphone overall, nobody could predict the massive effects this would have on the mobile phone market. Today, over 12 years later, Apple is still a top-player in the mobile phone industry. However, recently there have been complaints that Apple is no longer innovating as much but is simply trying to maximize profits. Obviously, Samsung wants this as well, however next to no company in the world has as fanatic a fan base as Apple does. The long queues in front of Apple stores at the start of iPhone X and iPad Pro 2018 sales speak for themselves.
iPhone vs Samsung comparisons


In the beginning, it did not seem like Samsung could hold their own against other Android competitors, since most customers were not too fond of the cheap look of the early Samsung models. After the releases of the Galaxy S6 and S7, this perception is a thing of the past and Samsung has established itself on the smartphone market. The Samsung Galaxy S10 especially was praised for its design and multitude of features. Unlike Apple, Samsung still tries to innovate further instead of resting on laurels.

comparing iPhone vs Samsung

iPhone vs Samsung

To draw further conclusions on the most recent developments these two smartphone giants have made, we will inspect their best devices. Drum rolls please! The iPhone X will be representing Apple while the Galaxy S10 will be representing Samsung.

iPhone vs Samsung- who is better


-When it comes to memory, Samsung takes the cake. There are devices with 128GB, 512GB and even 1TB (!) internal memory available. In addition to that, the RAM of 6-12GB, even putting top-class computers to shame.

-The iPhone X is only able to hold against this with internal memories of 64GB and 256GB.


Both brands embrace a simple, elegant design. The removal of any buttons and the large display area of their phones are a clear indicator as to what smartphones will look like in the future.


With 6.66 inch the S10 X has the bigger screen. The iPhone X has a 5.8 inch display. The S10 also has the higher resolution with 1440x2960 pixel, while the iPhone has a resolution of 1125x2436 pixel




The iPhone has a 12MP dual camera and is able to to take 4K videos and also has a face recognition. The Galaxy itself has 4 cameras with 16MP each, two of them being in the front which are able to take selfies in the dark.


iPhone vs Samsung?

After considering all of the mentioned facts, it seems like the Galaxy S10 takes the prize against the iPhone X. For a comparable price you simply get more bang for your buck while not having to pay for the legendary Apple logo.  

iPhone vs Samsung- who wins

Whether iPhone or Galaxy, personalizing your phone case is always a MUST to protect your phone!

Here's the surprise!

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