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Jet black iPhone 7 case ideas

By now I'm sure that you've come across the painful videos online showing crazy people using all kinds of objects to scratch the brand new jet black iPhone 7. Whether they used a key or a knife, it just goes to show that the jet black model of the latest iPhone isn't very durable and scratches very easily. Apple has even acknowledged this and advises its user to buy a case to protect their new phone from scratches or abrasions. Read on to find out our jet black iPhone 7 case ideas.


1. A personalised phone case with a design

iphone 7

The first option we offer is a personalised iPhone 7 case with a design! On our website, we offer several different designs created by our designers, but you can also find beautiful designs on sites like Pinterest, for example, to put on your mobile to show your style!

2. A personalised phone case with a photo

iphone 7

If you really want to make your phone unique, you can upload a photo from your computer, Facebook or Instagram and create your own customised iPhone 7 case in minutes. Bring your friends, family or favorite memories with you anywhere!

3. A transparent case

iphone 7

Having a transparent case is the best way to keep the superb design of your new jet black iPhone 7 on display, while protecting it from bumps and scratches. You can buy these transparent cases in black, gray or pink here.

4. An Apple case with an integrated battery

iphone 7

If you consistently have low battery levels and you can afford it, maybe this Apple case is for you. You can simultaneously charge your laptop and battery case for a charge of up to 26 hours of conversation. In addition, as an Apple product, the case is 100% compatible with the iPhone and the battery status of the case appears on the lock screen and in the center of notifications.

5. An ultra-protective case

iphone 7

If you're really clumsy and drop your mobile 5 times a day, or possibly into extreme sports, then we recommend a case with military certification MIL-STD 810G, which means the case is extremely solid and ensures your phone can withstand drops. 

Which of our personalised phone cases do you prefer? Feel free to tell us in the comments, and create your own case at GoCustomized  if you wish!

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