Le Closet x GoCustomized collaboration

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Le Closet and GoCustomized, 2 start-ups who love to create custom clothing and accessories for all customers!

Le Closet x GoCustomized 1


Le Closet x GoCustomized

Le Closet is a French brand that was launched in April 2014 and intrigued us with their unique brand concept.

The entire idea behind their brand is to help you redefine your wardrobe. Once you’ve informed them of your body size and measurements, you can ensure that they will create a new taste for you.

You have access to a large catalogue of clothing for only 49.50€ a month!

Using the information that you provide, Le Closet will build a package consisting of 2-3 clothing articles. If you like the clothes that they’ve sent you, you have the option to purchase them and return anything you don’t like! Their stylists will get to know your style more and more, meaning that they will know exactly what type of clothing you like and what they should include in your order.


GoCustomized is a Dutch brand that was launched in May 2012 and creates personalised phone cases. Our main goal is simple – protect your phone, in style! You can choose what type of case you want, whether it’s a hard case, soft case, wallet case, cork case, etc. Afterwards, you can upload a photo into our design module and edit it until you’re completely s atisfied. Your smartphone will be protected from head to toe for a low price of £14.95.

So you’ll have the opportunity to match your phone to our outfit. Personalised phone cases are the perfect fashion accessory!


The perfect collaboration between Le Closet and GoCustomized!

The idea to work with Le Closet started because we both have the same mentality – to offer everyone the possibility to choose how they want to dress. Whether it’s clothing or phone cases, we let our customers choose!

That is why we’ve created a competition for your enjoyment, courtesy of Le Closet and GoCustomized!


What you’ll win:

2 packs each including 1 shirt offered by "Le Closet" and a custom shell provided by "GoCustomized".

  • 1 classic and stylish black and white shirt by Le Closet.
  • 1 personalised phone case to match your shirt by GoCustomized.

Le Closet x GoCustomized 3

Le Closet x GoCustomized 2


What are the conditions to participate in the competition?

  • The competition will take place from June 13 to June 24.
  • Follow GoCustomized on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Follow Le Closet on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Tag it a friend and both of you will have a chance to win. Tag more friends and your chances will increase!
  • 2 random participants will be chosen and will receive a slick Le Closet shirt and a GoCustomized personalised phone case!


Go ahead and try your luck! We wish you all the best.

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