Life without smartphones

When I went to school I got my first mobile phone, aged 12. I remember it like it was yesterday, texting nonstop with my girlfriends and quickly using up all my SMS bundles within half a month. Mobiles back then didn't have WhatsApp or much opportunity to go on the Internet. For some of you, a life without smartphones may be hard to imagine. Today we take a look into the lives of smartphones and how they've made our lives today easier (for better or worse!).


1. Social Media

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Today there are hundreds of different social media platforms. The best known are of course Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. Without your smartphone, you can not stay up to date. How else can you update your Facebook status on the bus? Or if you're in the park, which beautiful sunny picture would you upload? A world without these apps seems almost possible to imagine. But maybe it's good for you to occasionally look at your phone less!

2. Maps

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Without Google Maps or Maps iOS we would definitely get lost a lot more. Surely it is convenient if you do not know the way, to quickly and easily have it on your phone showing you the direction? No need to ask random strangers awkward questions when you go on holiday. However, having a paper map can't hurt, just in case you run out of battery after taking loads of pictures!

3. Google

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Would you like to know what the weather forecast? Or maybe the definition of a word? Google has nearly all the answers. Today a commonly heard phrase you hear is, "I'll just Google it"! Without your phone, you would not be able to find thing as quickly as people used to.

This is just a small overview of the things you could not do without your smartphone. Because you take your phone everywhere you go, you must make sure that it is properly protected. Be sure to take a look at our personalised phone cases.

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