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Myths about improving battery life

One of the things that we do every night, but don’t really think about, is the need to charge our smartphone. You’ve probably read plenty of myths about your battery life, but who knows how many really work? So keep reading and find out which of those myths are true or not.

battery improvement


  1. Leave your smartphone plugged in all night.

There was a rumour that leaving your phone plugged in all night would damage your battery in the long term. That rumour isn’t necessarily wrong, but also not right. Smartphones used to be packed with lithium ion batteries, which would overheat if charged for too long. However, with more modern designs, batteries should not overheat anymore overnight and as a result, you can leave your phone charging until you’ve woken up again.


  1. Drain your battery completely before charging again.

This is, once again, a myth. While older batteries did require you to drain your battery, newer ones are made more flexible, meaning that you can charge your phone at 60% or 75% without having to worry about it being damaged long term.


  1. Always use the same brand of charger as your phone

We believe that this is purely a marketing strategy to purchase brand named chargers. In the phone’s manual, it’s recommended to buy chargers and accessories from the same company. However, at the end of the day, as long as your charger matches up to your battery’s capabilities, you’re good to go!


  1. Don’t use your phone while it’s charging

This is definitely something your mom told you! There’s a myth that you shouldn’t use your phone while it’s charging, otherwise it may malfunction and blow up, catch fire or electrocute you. This is wrong, otherwise companies would not release such a dangerous device to the public.


  1. Close apps to save battery life

While this seems somehow logical, smartphones have become smarter with how they manage their apps. Anything running in the back will not eat a significant amount of battery life, so you can feel free to leave them open. That way, launching the app will be faster.


  1. Turn off Bluetooth and location services to save even more battery

While Bluetooth and location services used to drain your battery quickly, they’ve been significantly improved to ensure that you can leave it on without your smartphone dying in 1 hour. Turning these services off will save your battery charge, but don’t be afraid to leave them on!


So do you have any other myths about battery life that you’d like to share with us. Let us know in the comments below!

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