What you need to know about the new HTC U11

Striking, powerful and equipped with one of the best cameras at the moment. This is the new HTC U11 Plus. Probably the best product for the Taiwanese manufacturer to complete successfully by 2017. The new smartphone attracts everyone's attention with its design. And that, although HTC was previously associated with its more conservative designs. The new HTC U11 Plus - without doubt one of the best alternatives to the classic high-end smartphones.


Android One
Three years after the launch of Google's Android One project and a small representation on the market, the group decided to launch a new product with Android One. The fact that it was used by Motorola, Xiaomi and now HTC proves it: Android One is a direct hit. The HTC U11 is the newest product in the Anroid One line. What new developments this step may bring? Basically nothing but changes, changes to the case and a shortened update time.

One of the best cameras on the market today
In the hype of the dual cameras, HTC has decided against installing a dual cameras in its new model. For the HTC U11 offers two cameras, each with 16 megapixels for front and rear camera. In addition, we can look forward to the HTC U11 Life HDR Boost. HDR Boost is an HDR mode that prevents programs like Instagram from applying too many effects to the photos. The 16 megapixels of the HTC U11 Life cameras make it possible to capture videos with a resolution of 4K (yes, with 30 frames per second). The sound is recorded in high definition, resulting in a high quality of the video - especially important for social media lovers.

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The sound is the star
There is no doubt that HTC is the manufacturer that (together with Sony) has worked hard to improve the sound quality of its smartphones. The HTC U11 Life includes a Usonic headset with noise canceling. The headphones have a special system that analyzes the inner ear and adjusts the sound accordingly. The same technology can be found on the external speakers. The disadvantage? Like many others, Huawei does not use the classic port for headphones.

A sensitive device
The so-called Edge Sense consists of a series of sensors, which are located in the lower half of the housing. They recognize when we apply pressure to the housing and thus form a configurable control instrument. For example, you can configure it so that you can take selfies with just one press of the case. This feature is unique and so far only found in the HTC U11. The HTC U11 will soon be on sale in many countries. In the colors blue or black you can buy it from 500 Euro.

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