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The new Apple iPhone 7

It's finally happened! Whether you're an Apple head or an Android enthusiast who think they're a waste of money, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is finally here. No one can deny the tremendous amount of hype that always follows the launch of new Apple products, and this year was no different. Today we will look at the new features of the iPhone 7 series. Have you already pre-ordered it? Don't forget to get your own personalised iPhone 7 case!

NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from Apple.com

iPhone 7: The design

Let's start with the design of the new phone. One of the biggest improvements to the new iPhone series is that it is now waterproof. Many other phones have had this as standard for quite a long time, but the iPhone 7 has finally caught up to the rest of the competition. There are also two new colours available: jet black and new black. The jet black finish gives the back a complete shiny finish on the back, whilst the new black is a matte finish. The phone is also available in gold, silver and pink. A new home button has also been introduced.

NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from Apple.com

iPhone 7: The camera

So, what's new about the camera? Well, the new iPhone 7 camera has 12 megapixels and optical image stabilisation, which should greatly improve the overal image quality. The camera has a wider lens, allowing more light in when taking a picture. The front facing camera has 7 megapixels.

NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from Apple.com

The camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is another story. This version has two cameras that work together as one. It also uses a wide-angle lens and has a 10x digital zoom.

NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from Apple.com

iPhone 7: The display

As Apple says itself, "The brightest, most colorful iPhone display". This is because the display is 25% brighter than the previous iPhone and can display more colors. It also has a 3D touch screen.

NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from Apple.com

iPhone 7: A10 Fusion Chip & Stereo


This chip ensures that the iPhone 7 is twice as fast as the iPhone 6. The new phone has the longest battery life of all iPhones to date. The iPhone 7 also has a new stereo speaker system that can play two times louder than the iPhone 6S. One of the biggest changes is the removeal of the headphone jack. Now users must connect their Apple headphone through the Lightning Connector, this is unfortunately a minus. This means that you need to have special headphones or ones that operate through bluetooth (including the newly introduced Apple Earbuds). This will cause some problems at parties or on long car journeys if you only have an aux. cable.

NEW APPLE IPHONE 7 Image from Apple.com

The new Apple iPhone 7 is on sale from September 9 as a pre-order and is released in stores on September 16. This is a just a brief overview of the features of the new iPhone 7, be sure to check them out in full.

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