New Gadget: The Motive Ring

Today, it is impossible to stop technology. Watches are becoming smartwatches and we can not live without our phones. Now a new product has just arrived on the market: The motive ring. You don't like looking at the clock?? Then this product is for you! Want to know more? Keep reading!...

Motiv Ring

Today, everything is possible with technology.  You can keep track of your habits wearing a bracelet, but it's easier to lose it while you use it. None of these devices measure your heart rate. Therefore, men (and women;-)) have invented something new: the Motive ring.

The motive Ring

This ring is 8 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick, and is available in seven different sizes. It comes in two colors: gray and pink gold. The battery can last for 3 to 5 days with a single charge! The ring appearance is sleek, thanks to the titanium body. The lower part of the ring is slightly thicker because it is where the heart rate sensor is. There are three lights that indicate when the ring is synchronized with the phone or when the charge is complete.

You can order the Motive Ring online, and you get the ring itself, but you also get two minuscule chargers that plug into a USB port or charger and hold the ring magnetically while it juices up. It only takes one hour and a half to fully charge.

Motiv Ring

The ring automatically records the way the heart beats. It also lists how to be active in a day, measure your heart rate, distance, calories burned, and everything is synchronized with the phone.

And It's also useful when you go to sleep, by measuring the actual time of the hours of sleep.

The Motive Ring will be available this year from $199. I think the Motive Ring will be more widely used than the smartwatches in the future. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments!

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