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The new Mini Egg Beats: Audio amplifier without cables or batteries!

Summer is just around the corner.. barbecues with friends, drinks at the lake, beach parties, dancing in the pool, beach volleyball tournaments .. we do not have enough time for all of it!! Of course, all accompanied by good music that livens the atmosphere! At GoCustomized we've got the perfect thing for you: audio amplifier, no batteries, no cables, waterproof and at a bargain price! Don't believe it?Keep reading!

Finally it has arrived! The new audio amplifier Egg Beats Mini will surprise you. Lightweight, inexpensive, fashionable, practical and indestructible. Let's find out all the features and reasons this is a must-have for summer 2017.

Farewell batteries!

Yes, you read right! The new Egg Beats Mini works without batteries! This is because it's shaped into a specific form that has been studied in detail, and can boost the sound of your device by up to 4x! At last you can enjoy good music without worrying to bring your bulky and heavy speakers!

Goodbye cables: Wireless works!

I just told you that you to forget the battery..but that's not all! Egg Beats Mini doesn't need any wires to work with your smartphone, so you will not need any physical connection. Brilliant right?

Waterproof and unbreakable!

That's why the Egg Beats Mini is the perfect accessory for summer 2017. In fact, its rubber structure makes it water-resistant and indestructible. Seeing is believing!

Use it even with the phone drain!

Another unique feature of this little gem is the ability to charge your smartphone if you have a portable battery while you are using it. This way you can listen to your loud music non-stop!

Where to buy it, Pricing and Compatibility

You can buy the new Mini Egg Beats directly on our web site at an incredible price: only $17.99 and you can receive it in a few days as the accessory of the summer 2017! The device is available in three colors: black, blue and pink. It is currently available for iPhone 6 (s), 7 iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and Galaxy S7 (Edge). What are you waiting for? Buy it now !

Special offer!

Now I'll tell you a little secret ... You can receive FREE Mini Egg Beats thanks to a special limited promotion of GoCustomized! In fact, with an order of at least $25 from our website GoCustomized , you can receive a gift Mini Egg Beats using the discount code "EGG" . The promotion is valid until 25.06.2017 or until sold out.


Waterproof, without wires or batteries, cheap, fashionable and light. Egg Beats Mini. This is the summer accessory that you can not do without!

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