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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, the large South Korean company, was officially launched on August 2nd in New York. Enthusiasts have been waiting for the launch of this brand new and powerful smartphone, and it appears to have met everyone's expectations!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Image from androidup.com

The main features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The new features of this magnificent phone make it one of the best mobile devices that has ever been manufactured. The external appearance is already striking: a huge 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, so in terms of quality, it is one of the best currently on the market. An important new feature is the 4G LTE module that guarantees excellent web browsing and the ability to transfer data quickly and efficiently.

The 12 megapixel camera lets you take great photos in all circumstances. For example, if you want to take a picture at night while you're having dinner at your favourite restaurant, there is no need to worry.

This new smartphone, despite having a large screen, is very fine. In fact, with a thickness of just 7.9mm, there is a feeling of elegance and refinement.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 2 Image from investireoggi.it

The external design is somewhat reminiscent of the S7 Edge, although the start button is a little different. One of the curious features from the South Korean model is the new iris scanner, plus the many sensors that are already present. Another thing that differentiates it from other high-end phones is the certificate of resistance to water and dust. To ensure a practical and convenient use of the device at all times, Samsung once again provides its traditional S pencil. In addition, the internal 6GB RAM ensures high quality performance.

For industry experts, one of the most striking new features is the use of the new 4x4 MIMO technology, which simultaneously connects 4 antennas to the so-called “radio towers”. This allows the new Galaxy Note 7 to offer a higher data transfer rate and makes it more reliable than any of the smartphones currently on the market.


In short, if you’re looking to buy a new phone or upgrade, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will definitely be worth the wait!

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