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New Sony Playstation VR Headset

The world of technology is always changing, sometimes we become intoxicated with its possibilities, but most of the time we are so inundated with new technology and revelations we become complacent with impressions. We are too used to real technological progress. For a moment, take a step back and realize what this blog article is about, a VR headset that you can buy for just a few hundred dollars and play video games on. Something as a little kid would have been amazing, now we have much less time for these things. But maybe it is still worth it because of how cool VR can be, keep reading to find out!

source: TechRadar

1). How cool is the new Playstation VR

The reviews are in! and, well they are mixed. Even though the idea of VR is space age and is awesome, the reviews are very mixed about the Playstation VR headset. We will go over the pros and cons of the VR headset in a bit but lets first talk about its uses. You can use the Sony Playstation Virtual Reality system to play video games, lots of games are coming out now that have VR support. So you can get totally sucked into a new world, which is an enticing prospect.

Source: Road to VR

2). Pros and Cons of the new Playstation VR

Pros: The new VR headset is priced very competitively only costing a few hundred dollars, compared to other systems that can cost over $1,000. It is a pretty good system, especially for the money. It is also compatible with other Playstation tools such as the move, camera, and other new ones. There are many games that work with this headset with many more coming soon is a big pro.

Cons: The quality is noticeably lower than other competitors. Sometimes it can let light in making the quality worse. Some people are saying this model isn't necessary because it's not that large of an improvement over Playstations last VR headset.

source: Time

3). Final Thoughts

If you don't have a VR headset and want one, this is probably a good first choice, cheap and good for people who don't demand the absolute best. If you are a playstation lover, why not show the world with a custom phone case? Could be the perfect combo with your new VR headset.

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