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New Year's resolutions

We all know the this story... Each new year, we tell ourselves, "from the new year on, I'll stop smoking, or in the new year, I will often do sports!". When January comes around, we often start to slip back into our old ways. I believe we forget one thing ... who we are doing it for: OURSELVES! Today we give you some ideas, which will bring you a better quality of life and happiness!

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1) Being on time

Let's begin with what something easy that ultimately everyone can enjoy! For you, it is less stress because you do not have to hurry as much because you are already too late and the person waiting for you is not annoyed. Consider how much earlier you normally need to get ready and add another 20 minutes to it. You can customise it to suit your needs.

2) Taking time for yourself

Everyone knows that the weeks fly by and every day there is something new for you to do and after a while you feel totally drained. Set your priorities straight! Do you really have to go back to the bar for the third time that week? Even if it is only half an hour a day, spend it alone. It is really effective. And on the weekend you can go alone to the cinema or take a bike ride or start a new hobby that you have neglected for a long time. This way, you will always learn new things about yourself and you can also discover new talents, your soul will get to rest and you will be completely there.


3) Be healthier

Even if you are not a sports fan at all, I believe there is something for everyone to enjoy. Walking alone in the forest, the city or wherever you like is a good start. In the morning when you get up, you can stretch a bit. You'll soon start feeling how good it is for you. Are you drinking at night or during the week? Reduce your alcohol consumption and feed your health more. You will see how much more energy you have.

4) Be thankful

No matter how your life may feel right now and where you stand, there are so many things you can be grateful for! If you keep your eyes on what you do not have and complain about every day, your situation will not change quickly. But if you only talk about your problems instead of finding solutions, your life will not change. Write every night before going to sleep 3 things you are grateful for in your life.


5. Spend more time with people who do you good

You've earned the best in this world, do not let yourself be unsettled and demotivated by people who you call your friends! True friends push you and motivate you. They enjoy your success just as much as you do! Precious time with loving people is a blessing and when you realise this for the first time, you do not want to waste your time with negative people. It's your time, you decide what you make of it.

Of course you can adapt the resolutions to any person. Do you have something specific in mind, what would you like to change or expand? The right moment is always now! Let us have a comment and share your ideas and strategies with us. In this sense, we wish you all a great year in 2017!

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