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New York Fashion Week 2018

On the 8th of February the time has come. The Fashion Week begins in New York.
What can you expect? What will be the latest trends?
Read on to learn the most important.

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From February 8, 2018 to February 16, 2018, the latest trends of the coming year can be seen in New York.
If you usually look at the NYFW lists, you can say what you can expect. But looking at the lists for this fashion week, it's easier to say what you can not expect.
The last New York Fashion Week was influenced, among others, by Thome Brown, Proenza Schouler and Altuzarra, all of whom have relocated their presentations to Paris.
It can generally be said that a stream of designers and labels has developed in the direction of fashion shows to Paris, Milan or London.

Some of the biggest fashion show magnets, however, remain hanging. Raf Simons shows his third collection for Calvin Klein this year. Tom Ford also follows with two separate men's and women's shows. Also true to the tradition remains the American fashion designer Marc Jacobs.


Basically, it can be said that the fashion system is currently in a rapid development. And every brand is forced to rethink its show and sales cycle.
Many things that were already represented at the fashion show last year will probably reappear this year.
These include rubber clothes, as already implemented by Calvin Klein, in a dress.
Transparent clothing and transparent accessories are also becoming increasingly popular, as was recently shown with Helmut Lang.

Besides, we can not deny it anymore: The Fanny Pack is here to stay. Whether as a sporty number on Rihanna's catwalk, minimalist, worn at Gucci or diagonally, as in Balenciaga.
Already seen everywhere and what never goes out of style are dotted patterns. With this you will certainly not be wrong in the coming spring.
As you can see, in addition to the actual fashion and clothes, the right accessories are becoming more and more important in order to perfectly round off the right outfit.
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In addition to mobile phone cases, you can also design gadgets such as speakers and PowerBanks, as in the aforementioned dotted pattern.

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What trends do you expect from the upcoming Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments!


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