Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs, price and news

Nestled between the smartphone and tablet worlds, the Note 9 is the latest iteration of Samsung’s powerful and supremely functional Galaxy Note series ‘phablet.’ Blending the capabilities of flagship smartphones with the multi-functionality of tablets, the Galaxy Note is the ultimate ‘power-user’ phone. This year’s version, the Note 9, appears to be an upgrade on many internal components, rather than a reinvention. So you can expect some beefed-up components. However, the feature that made the Note series successful, the S Pen, is getting an update that will give the Note 9 even more power. Read to find out more.

Note 9 screenshot from a leaked advertisement

This year’s Note 9 is all about the S Pen. There are certainly improvements on internal components, but for the most part, the Note 9 is an improved iteration of the Note 8. We’ll get back to update on the internals a little later on.  As much as we would like to see a new design overhaul every year, from a development standpoint, the cost would be too high. What money they save on keeping the design similar means that they can put more money into something special.

Samsung Galaxy X

And boy oh boy does Samsung have something special planned.  Next year Samsung will unveil the Galaxy X, the world’s first smartphone with a foldable display.

The Galaxy X concept photo of the world's first phone with a foldable display. Photo Source -

While this render looks to be just a concept for now, it is based on solid information. Several leaks state that the Galaxy X will sport three 3.5-inch OLED displays. The phone can be folded out to make a massive screen (like the size of a tablet) or folded in half to give a screen smaller than most current smartphones.  Both, Samsung President of Mobile, Koh Dong-jin, and Samsung spokesman, Kim Choon-gon, made statements confirming the existence of plans for a device with the first truly foldable display. It’s no surprise though that the cost will be close to $2,000.

There are some big things to expect from Samsung in the future but Apple and their iPhone also have something slightly different up their sleeves worth checking out.

Note 9 specs

As amazing at the Galaxy X could be, let’s focus on what we know about the Note 9. At the very least we’ve explained why the aesthetic changes are minimal but let’s see what is different under the hood of the Note 9. But first, what isn't changing?

What is the same in the Note 9


The Note 9 is sticking with the same form factor and design as the previous version. While it may feel a little disappointing, it is by no means a bad thing. The Note 8 is a beautiful phone. It’s symmetrical shape, round edges, and nearly flush camera bump conjures up thoughts of Stanley Kubrick’s monolith from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. A monument left by an advanced alien race to teach us. All Sci-Fi fanaticism aside, it is a beautiful device that feels great in the hand.

Is the Note 8 a relic left by ancient aliens to teach us? Probably not, but it kind of looks like something for 2001: A Space Odyssey. "My God, It's full of stars."

Speaking of which, a Hal 9000 themed cover for your current or future phone would look pretty cool.

Hal 9000 custom phone case.David in a space suit looks great on your phone.


Just like the previous model the Note 9 will offer the same button placements (except for the fingerprint scanner) and the same location for its 3.5mm audio jack, USB-C port, S Pen, and audio grille.

What has changed in the Note 9


The Note 8 and Note 9 side by side Photo Source -

The Note 9 will get a slightly larger screen, a 6.4-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED display versus the 6.3- inch in the previous model. This larger display is most likely due to the slightly smaller bottom bezel on the Note 9.


The Note 9 will feature a CPU upgrade from the Snapdragon 835 (or Exynos 8895) to the Snapdragon 845 (or Exynos 9810). For the Snapdragon you can expect to see 2.8GHz, better image processing, 4K video recording at 60fps, and better security. For the Exynos, you can expect to see 2.9GHz, faster download and upload speeds, and 4K video recording at 120fps. It is also rumored that the Note 9 will be offered in a 6 GB RAM version (same as the Note 8) or with 8GB RAM.


The Note 9 is rumored to come with a whopping 4,000 mAh battery, which will make it the largest battery Samsung has ever placed in their smartphones. This, coupled with more efficient components, means that you can watch cat videos to your heart’s content without being afraid of not have enough battery for those 4:30 pm meetings Jim keeps planning. Damn you, Jim!

Expandable Memory

In a recently leaked video, we learned that the Note 9 will feature up to a terabyte of memory. In the video this was shown with a 512 GB microSD in the memory expansion bay, hinting that the Note 9 will likely be offered in a version with 512GB internal storage.The Note 9 offers 512GB expandable memory.

If Samsung is promoting the Note 9 as a pocket computer that you can connect to your office setup, 1 terabyte memory, 8GB RAM, and some serious processing power is certainly the way to achieve that.

S Pen

The unique selling point, the only one built into a smartphone, and likely the reason you want the Note series. The S Pen. Perhaps the “hand of God” is a bit too much of an exaggeration but it is certainly what made the Note series. The S Pen will get some important updates in the Note 9. The biggest change will be that the S Pen will feature its own integrated Bluetooth, enabling it to act as a portable controller. This could be used to wirelessly trigger the camera's shutter or other things like a slideshow or the Samsung TV.The S Pen for the Note 9 is a power house.


It was initially thought that the Note 9 would not get a big price increase, but a recent leak on Asian and European prices has confirmed that the Note 9 will be quite expensive. We're not saying that a phone with such impressive specs should be dirt cheap but with a price of about €1,029 (for the 128GB) and €1,279 (for the 512GB), the price will be off-putting to all but the most loyal diehards. US prices will likely be a little less expensive but the European prices do have the taxes factored in. It feels like a lot, but bare in mind, the laptop this post was written on has less impressive specs than the Note 9. It's not €1,279, but it's also about ten times larger.

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What’s Next?

According to a recent leak covered by Forbes. The Note 9 could be the last of the Note Series. While this will surely annoy a large and loyal Galaxy Note fan base, the decision to end the series will likely be made depending on the sales of the Note 9. But fear not, the S PEN will most likely get rolled into the S series as an S Plus-like model.


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