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  • 8 DIY Halloween Costumes

    It’s that time of the year again and Halloween is just around the corner. The one day of the year where you can dress up as anyone or anything.  Year after year, you see the same costumes, and sometimes even worse you run into someone with the same costume that you both bought from your local costume store.  Not only are DIY Halloween costumes a fun way to get creative for Halloween, but this way you can guarantee you won’t be running into someone with the same costume.  To save you from being the person that chooses the typical costume, we have compiled a list of DIY Halloween costumes for you.

    DIY Halloween costumes with custom t-shirts and custom phone cases



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  • 8 Gifts for Coworkers - Fun, practical, and personal gifts

    Trying to think of suitable gifts for co-workers? Even though we sit next to these people all day every day, it still seems challenging to come up with the right gift. Whether you’re looking for something funny or something they will actually use, you want to make sure they like it considering you will continue to see them every day. To save you from being the person that shows up with a boring gift card, we have compiled a list of good ideas of gifts for co-workers.

    Ideas for gifts for co-workers

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    Your birthday is coming around the corner and both your parents and grandparents give you some money to buy a new phone. During the day, you day-dream about holding a brand-new cell in your hands. But, during the night, you are restless. One question keeps you awake: What smartphone should I get? A mid-range or a flagship? We are here to help you answer this question! Read on if you want to leave those sleepless nights behind you!

    man holding his chin





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  • Best Gift Ideas For Men

    Looking for a gift for your partner, friend or family member? Luckily for you, we're here to help! Below we've conducted a wide selection of gifts for the men in your life. From the geek to the extrovert through the sportsman and/or the intellectual, you’ll be surprised by the endless possibilities of men's gifts at your disposal. To impress and please the men in your lives, read the rest of this article!

    Best Gifts For Men

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  • Best gift ideas for women

    Finding the right gift for a woman can sometimes be a nightmare. It takes time, effort and, of course, money and sometimes the presents for our beloved just end up in the back of their closet. A present should always be something special, represent your relationship or remind her of a special moment. A personal gift is always the best option so we have selected our favorite gift ideas for women and summarized them for you in this article!

    gift ideas for women, woman with shopping bags

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs, price and news

    Nestled between the smartphone and tablet worlds, the Note 9 is the latest iteration of Samsung’s powerful and supremely functional Galaxy Note series ‘phablet.’ Blending the capabilities of flagship smartphones with the multi-functionality of tablets, the Galaxy Note is the ultimate ‘power-user’ phone. This year’s version, the Note 9, appears to be an upgrade on many internal components, rather than a reinvention. So you can expect some beefed-up components. However, the feature that made the Note series successful, the S Pen, is getting an update that will give the Note 9 even more power. Read to find out more.

    Note 9 screenshot from a leaked advertisement

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  • Google Pixel 3 Rumors

    Like every year, the biggest smartphone brands are working on their latest models with the aim of making it the most popular one available. Even though Google hasn't officially confirmed the release of the Google Pixel 3, we all know it is coming. And, as always, a lot of information and even pictures have been leaked long before the actual launch. We have searched for the most reliable Google Pixel 3 rumors and summarized them all in this article. If you are thinking about getting the newest Pixel model, you should definitely keep reading!

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  • The most anticipated new phones in 2018

    The year of 2017 brought a lot of improvements in terms of new releases - the screens became larger, the smartphones even thinner and also the quality of the cameras a lot better. Furthermore, smartphones with a far longer battery life were introduced to the market. But as always, the producers are going to try their best to top all of that with their new phones in 2018. If you want to buy a new smartphone this year but haven't made your decision yet, keep reading because we have all the important details about the most anticipated new phones in 2018!

    new phones in 2018

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  • iPhone 2018: Our guess for the new names

    Apple is coming out with a new iPhone 2018 model in September and along with the usual hype focused around the design and specs of the new flagship phone and friends, there is a lot of speculation around the name of the new model. You might think that the iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10) will be followed by the iPhone 11 but if we’ve learned anything in the last few years, its that Apple is anything but predictable. Here is our list of potential names for the new iPhone 2018 model.

    iPhone 2018 Models: What do you call you?! Original image from iGyaan

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  • Phone battery care: maximizing battery life and battery lifespan

    The battery is the heart of our phones. It supplies our device with power. This way, we can keep our phones on 24/7, take selfies day and night and gossip on social media at any time. The trouble starts when we see the battery icon on our screen turn red and don’t have a charger on us. Or even worse; when after a couple of years with our loyal phone battery companion we notice that its capacity starts to diminish! But don’t worry, there are some ways to avoid these unpleasant situations. Read on if you want to find out how to maximize your battery life and battery lifespan!

    charging smartphone, empty battery, battery life, battery lifespan

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