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  • Google Pixel 3 Rumors

    Like every year, the biggest smartphone brands are working on their latest models with the aim of making it the most popular one available. Even though Google hasn't officially confirmed the release of the Google Pixel 3, we all know it is coming. And, as always, a lot of information and even pictures have been leaked long before the actual launch. We have searched for the most reliable Google Pixel 3 rumors and summarized them all in this article. If you are thinking about getting the newest Pixel model, you should definitely keep reading!

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  • The most anticipated new phones in 2018

    The year of 2017 brought a lot of improvements in terms of new releases - the screens became larger, the smartphones even thinner and also the quality of the cameras a lot better. Furthermore, smartphones with a far longer battery life were introduced to the market. But as always, the producers are going to try their best to top all of that with their new phones in 2018. If you want to buy a new smartphone this year but haven't made your decision yet, keep reading because we have all the important details about the most anticipated new phones in 2018!

    new phones in 2018

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  • iPhone 2018: Our guess for the new names

    Apple is coming out with a new iPhone 2018 model in September and along with the usual hype focused around the design and specs of the new flagship phone and friends, there is a lot of speculation around the name of the new model. You might think that the iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10) will be followed by the iPhone 11 but if we’ve learned anything in the last few years, its that Apple is anything but predictable. Here is our list of potential names for the new iPhone 2018 model.

    iPhone 2018 Models: What do you call you?! Original image from iGyaan

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  • Phone battery care: maximizing battery life and battery lifespan

    The battery is the heart of our phones. It supplies our device with power. This way, we can keep our phones on 24/7, take selfies day and night and gossip on social media at any time. The trouble starts when we see the battery icon on our screen turn red and don’t have a charger on us. Or even worse; when after a couple of years with our loyal phone battery companion we notice that its capacity starts to diminish! But don’t worry, there are some ways to avoid these unpleasant situations. Read on if you want to find out how to maximize your battery life and battery lifespan!

    charging smartphone, empty battery, battery life, battery lifespan

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  • The best GPS apps for your smartphone

    The everyday use of smartphones has become natural as this device object replaces all our other gadgets and combines many features in just one device. While we strongly advise against using your smartphone while driving, we recommend that you use if for navigation if you program it before your departure! With many different smartphone GPS apps, navigating  has become easier than ever before. On foot, by car, by public transport or even by bike, these applications quickly tell you the best route to reach your destination. But which ones are the best GPS apps available? Keep reading to find out!

    travel, map, navigation

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  • 14 best iPhone wallpapers

    Are you getting tired of the wallpaper you are currently using? It might be time for a change! We have gathered the best iPhone wallpapers for you. No matter if you are looking for an inspirational quote, a beautiful landscape, or the best iPhone wallpapers for summer - we've got you covered! Check out our favorites now!

    best iPhone wallpapers, motivational quote, radiate positivity

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  • 4th of July sales you can't afford miss this year

    It’s almost the 4th of July! Almost time to celebrate a purely American holiday where we celebrate our independence to the sound of fireworks cracking and barbecues sizzling. Not only is it a time for celebration it's also time for some serious 4th of July sales. Keeping reading for amazing discounts. Enjoy and share!

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  • The best summer festivals this year

    With the beginning of the summer, the festival season finally starts as well. Festivals are a place of refuge, a place of serenity and relaxation. The normal everyday life does not matter here. The time there is all about dancing, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest! Visiting a festival is escaping reality and immersing yourself in a carefree world. We have selected the three best summer festivals of this year for you. Unfortunately, your cell phone is not really useful at big festivals like those. Overloaded networks and crowded campsites make it really difficult to make phone calls. But with GoCustomized and our new festival design collection, it can help you in other situations. Are you as curious to find out more about this year's best summer festivals and our collection? Then read on!
    best summer festivals

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  • The best protective phone cases: a crash test

    Who said that crash tests can only be performed on cars? Today, we decided to test the resistance of our custom phone cases for all our customers and readers. We test them in the most common situations that can cause damage in our daily life: being dropped on the floor and in water. If you're looking for the best protective phone cases, keep reading the article and find out more!

    best protective phone cases, custom phone case

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  • Food phone cases for foodies

    Hungry for a stylish phone case? Here at GoCustomized we have what it takes to satisfy your appetite. Our website offers you an à la carte menu of delicious food-related designs for your personalized, mouth-watering food phone cases. Just go onto our Customizer, where you will find all the necessary ingredients to bake your own cover. How about a fruity case as an entrée? Followed by a juicy hamburger cover and topped off with a sweet ice cream phone protection? If you are not into pre-cooked meals you can create your own fusion food phone cases by simply uploading your favourite food photos onto your cover! If this is too much information for you to digest, just click ahead to take a look at some more spicy sample designs!

    Three Meal Course

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