Personalised iPad cases

Since its market launch, the iPad has become an indispensable tool. It can be used for work, play, to read the news, and more. Today we’ll show you custom cases for the iPad that can bring you a unique look to your device. Many of these cases were created by bloggers or artists with whom we’ve collaborated with. Take five minutes to have a look at these personalised iPad cases and get inspired…



Why not combine the memories of your childhood cartoons with the latest gadgets? One of our bloggers has customized their case with an image of “Beauty and the Beast,” a timeless classic. Almost all of the characters of the wonderful Disney cartoon are present on this “painting” made by hand. We fell in love with this case, and you?

Cover iPad



Everyone loves to travel, and the memories we bring back from holidays can easily be forgotten. So, why not use one of your favorite photos to put on an iPad case made especially for you? Or, if you prefer, our our customized includes this map pattern for your use!

Cover iPad



If you're attracted to things not visible to the naked eye, you may be interested in astronomy! In the infinity of the universe, we certainly may not be alone. This Smart Cover displays a small Lego astronaut bouncing on the moon. Your imagination is infinite, so why not put it to the test by creating something unique?




In the final display of the list we present a picture of a child. If you have children, they are probably what you cherish the most, so why not make them a place on your Smart Cover? There is nothing more beautiful than a smile between mother and son!

Cover iPad

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