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What is your perfect phone case design?

We here at GoCustomized specialise in customising designs for smartphone and tablets and our goal is to help you find the perfect phone case that fits your personality perfectly. Images on phone cases reflect your tastes, so essentially all your accessories show a little bit about you! To make this easier and more fun for you, we’ve created a post about unique design styles that you could create right on your personalised phone case!

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design adventurerThe Adventurer

You are outgoing and audacious. You don’t settle for a single street, city or country, but instead you want more out of life. You’re misunderstood by some and envied by others, but at the end of the day your desire is to travel and see every corner of the world. The word “impossible” is not in your vocabulary because nothing is too far or too dangerous for you. Spontaneity is the best word to describe you and you don’t fear making mistakes, simply because you know that practice makes perfect. Enjoy the beauty of nature and see what cultures the world has to offer! If any adventure makes your day, make your own phone case that has the most beautiful picture that you’ve ever taken on your travels.


design comicThe Joker

Every word that comes out of your mouth makes the room erupt with laughter. You and everyone else knows that you’re one of the best jokers out there. There’s no joke that you don’t know and you can make a funny moment out of any situation. You enjoy making people laugh and you are definitely the least serious member of your group. You’re the kind of memes and whenever you have the opportunity to use one, you do. Design your own phone case that best fits your personality and can make your friends laugh.


design romanticThe Romantic

Valentine’s Day is your favourite day to celebrate in the year. Flowers and chocolates are your weakness. You think that everything with a large amount of hearts on it is a work of art. Yes, you’re a hopeless romantic and enjoy love movies, even though you always end up crying at the end of it. Walks in the park are a favourite part-time activity of yours and all seasons give you a unique feeling. You love to view spring as a chance for new beginnings, summer for brief or intense love, autumn for a nostalgic feel and winter for long evenings by the fire. You need to design a personalised phone case that makes you feel all of these emotions. Wonderful landscapes in the many different seasons with a heartwarming text that gives you the goosebumps. Another idea that would be perfect is to add a picture of your partner during your wedding!


design animal loverThe Animal Lover

No matter how many it bothers you, you love it and gives you the care that it deserves. You go crazy when you see a puppy and you feel comfortable around all cats on the street. You love animals and want to let the world know. A good design that would just work would be a picture of your own pet! What better than that little friend who you love dearly and look forward to going home to everyday. So why not have him or her by your side everyday? If you love animals, but unfortunately do not have a pet, use an design of an animal in its natural habitat!


design familyThe Family Guy

Family always comes first, no matter what anyone says. Your children and parents will always be the sweetest and most beautiful people you will ever have in your life. Family gatherings are some of your favourite events. You are proud of your siblings and you enjoy to spend a lot of time with them. You have thousands of photos in a photo book somewhere and are always ready to show them to guests. So why not carry around those photos in your pocket and put them on a personalised phone case? The perfect design for you would be a picture of your children, your spouse or your family.


design hipsterThe Hipster

You love to be different and enjoy to follow unique and not-so-sought-after trends. You reject all mainstream topics and you follow your alternative lifestyle. You characterise yourself by dressing differently, which shocks some people but fascinates others. Everything you touch turns into an original accessory while avoiding common trends. You belong to the hipster world. Design a personalised phone case that will complement your special style, for example the famous French mustache or a checkered pattern!


Design and personality

Now that you've found the design that fits you, you just need to get down to work! Make your own personalised phone case with one of our designs and make the perfect accessory to take with you!


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